PBB Celebrity Edition debuts tonight

Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 logo

Weeeeeeee! I can’t tell you how excited I am right now. The launch of the Second Celebrity Edition of Pinoy Big Brother tonight has gotten me all worked up that I’m so lazy to post a proper, well, blog post. So I just snatched a story from the official Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition website hoping ABS-CBN won’t sue my little tush.

Ang dating border ni Kuya, Bianca Gonzales, gives us to a sneak peek on what’s waiting for us at PBB Celebrity Edition’s kick-off tonight! Currently at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ortigas where the new celeb housemates are billeted since Friday, Bianca excitedly shared additional information to their identities. She even toured the 7th floor where all the housemates where staying and spoke to one of them!

Preparations for PBB Celebrity Edition 2 are in full-swing right now at the hotel. The 13 housemates are already blindfolded and covered whenever they leave their rooms. All of them were called into the hotel one by one by Big Brother and are briefed with the rules of the house. The housemates also underwent the standard operating procedure of luggage checks and were taught on how to use the lapel.

As for the identities of the housemates here are some more clues straight from Bianca on The Buzz! Get ready to meet the Celebrity Hunk, Celebrity Babe, Wild Child, Princess of Charm, True Lover, Poor Beauty Queen, Despised Babe, English Outcast, Desirable Diva, Lonely Dreamboy, Mom in Distress and the Komedyanteng Promdi. Bianca even talked to one of the male housemates but their short conversation was in between a closed door. Talk about being so close, yet so far!

Going crazy from guessing? Well, don’t miss PBB Celebrity Edition 2’s grand debut tonight at 9:30pm to find out if your hunches are right!


PBB2 Update: Wendy Valdez, Maxim covergirl

Maxim Philippines must really be desperate to dislodge FHM from the top of the list of best men’s magazines. Why? Because they just wrapped up the pictorial for the August 2007 cover with none other than our favorite Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 housemate Wendy Valdez.

Ehem. Now that I’ve got that bias off my chest … let’s focus on the pros and cons of having Wendy as the covergirl.

Advantage: Wendy is beautiful and sexy, making selling the magazine a breeze.

Disadvantage: Wendy’s, uhmm, scars and other skin problems show quite clearly. Without the help of Photoshop, I don’t see how they’d make her beauty stand out. Well, they’ve done it before, with Angelica Panganiban, I don’t see any reason why they can’t do it again.

Advantage: Wendy’s popularity definitely gives ABS-CBN Publishing and Maxim Philippines an edge. Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 is, after all, an ABS-CBN show. Why not cash in on the “brand building” they’ve invested on during the show’s three-month run?

Disadvantage: Wendy’s notoriety definitely throws a spanner into the works, as even flesh-ogling males have a hard time understanding the housemate’s antics while inside the Big Brother house.

Darn! I’ve run out of witty remarks. Can you contribute a few? No bashing please—we’ve had enough of those already. Just witty, factual remarks based on your observations.

PBB2: Mercator Models ‘reopens doors’

After nearly a month in the eye of the storm that is the Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 connection between Bruce Quebral and Wendy Valdez, modeling agency Mercator Models has reopened its website to curious viewers who want to see sample photographs of the two housemates.

Want to take a peek at the photos again? Or maybe you’d like better glimpses?

PBB2: Housemates rock to ‘Sexy Back’ in Thanksgiving Party

Found this on YouTube. The video shows some of the Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 housemates bathed in red light, dancing Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake at the show’s Thanksgiving Party.

It’s a pity, though, that fans of the show were not invited to any party, thanksgiving or otherwise, hosted by the housemates. That would have been a blast.

This particular party, the one shown in the video, wasn’t even aired—at least I think it wasn’t aired since no one I know had watched it before seeing it on YouTube.

Beatriz Saw bags Pinoy Big Brother crown

Miracle of miracles. That’s what I call the spectacular end to the second season of Pinoy Big Brother, a popular reality television show here in the Philippines.

Beatriz Saw, PBB2 Big WinnerAfter more than two weeks of speculation on who the Big Winner would be, primarily brought about by rumors that ABS-CBN and the producers of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 were favoring housemate Wendy Valdes, a most unassuming lass from Bicol province proved that she had what it takes to come out on top.

I’m talking about Beatriz Saw, called Mommy Bea by most housemates because of her “motherly” acts. I can’t express how glad I am she bagged the title. She deserves it.

There is, however, something nagging my fragile mind. Why did Wendy come out ahead of Gee-Ann Abrahan, who placed fourth in the standings? Any thoughts on this, dear fans?

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have commented on this blog, especially the hundreds of Pinoy Big Brother followers. Rest assured, I will continue to track and chronicle the goings-on in the lives of our housemates, especially Bea, Mickey, Gee-Ann and, regrettably, Wendy. Hehe.

As they say on television, “Stay tuned!”

Many thanks to the government of Naga City for Beatriz Saw’s beautiful photograph.

PBB2: Eleventh evictee, Bruce … Should’ve been Wendy

Yes, yes, yes … I know. I’ve promised that I wouldn’t be judgmental, to refrain from passing judgment on any housemate. I just feel like speaking up after the week-long run of Wendy-haters having the time of their lives posting inane to insane tirades against the most-hated Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 housemate. Gosh, she even surpassed the hate generated by first evictee Jasmin.

There’s really not much to say, seeing as how everyone who’s got a mind to speak out against what is widely perceived as a conspiracy at ABS-CBN, the producer of the popular reality television show. Only one thought comes to mind: If what ABS-CBN says is true, that the voting is not rigged, then Wendy is probably more loved than we think. So here’s a challenge to all us Wendy-haters (or those who hate what she’s doing and not necessarily her being), let’s refrain from voting for Wendy so she’ll be booted out on Thursday. Once the voting is over and our favorite housemate is still in the running to be the Big Winner of the show, then it only means that all this mudslinging is the work of a select few. Do you really want Wendy out of the house?

Bruce, evicted

It’s a good thing that half of the hate equation is already out of the house—not that I really mind him being in the Big Four. His actions in the past three weeks, however, left little to be desired. The lovesick puppy act was grating on nerves … it had to stop. It’s just surprising that a lot more people love Wendy more than Bruce.

Lastly, I’d like to apologize to readers/viewers of Ceskypooh’s World for my tardiness. Thank you for continuing to patronize the blog. Rest assured, we will keep posting so you can keep reading. 😉

PBB2: Woof, arf, growl. That’s farewell in dogspeak

Well, the title says it all. I bid farewell to the Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 housemate with the least amount of airtime but still manages to capture the attention of the masses with his show of unconditional love for his erstwhile roomies, especially Robert Woods, who showed him the most affection.

I’m talking about Buddy, the askal (asong kalye, or street dog, if literally translated). Check out his training video below.

Farewell, Buddy! You will be sorely missed.