Perfect World Expedition: A newbie’s view of Pangu

Perfect World Expedition

It’s been a while since I posted, so I feel so rusty. Gosh. My absence can be attributed mainly to the fact that Dada Joel is so busy to help me maintain Ceskypooh’s World. But I vow to do my best to continue posting regularly. And now, for my first post in over a week, I’m happy to introduce a new blog co-authored by my father (so that’s what you’ve been doing, huh!).

Perfect World Expedition is, as its introductory phrase implies, “The adventures and misadventures of an erudite Pinoy gamer in his first-ever MMORPG.” Primarily authored by Dada Joel’s long-time friend, Relly de Guzman Carpio, the new blog provides a fresh take on online gaming. It features not only insights into a first-time MMO gamer but also funny anecdotes presented through one-line comic strips.

Here’s a sample entry:

I have never played an MMORPG before (that’s short for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, dearie, and its pronounced as spelled; try not to read it as a word). But I have played. Oh have I played. I have been playing Role-Playing Games since I was 12. On this, my 20th year as a gamer, I have finally decided to cross the final threshold, to finally drop the proverbial final fig leaf.


Movies: New Transformers trailer out

Here’s the new trailer of the Transformers movie by Michael Bay. All I can say at this point is “Wow!” But we have to see the entire film, which will start showing on July 4 worldwide, before making any judgment. Hopefully, it will not disappoint as much as Spiderman 3. I wish it will be as successful as the 80s cartoon series and the animated movie that inspired an entire generation.

It’s good to see familiar faces in the film, though. Shia LaBeouf is definitely a welcome sight. After starring in great films like Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and Constantine, it was only a matter of time before his star would shine brighter. As seen in the trailer, Shia gives life to Sam “Spike” Witwicky, the main “human” protagonist. The only question is (dad’s question, that is), “Where’s Carly?”

Josh Duhamel is also a plus for the movie. He has gained quite a following, thanks to his role as the sometimes-bumbling Danny in the hit television series Las Vegas. But I think I like him better in Vegas than dressed in a military uniform in Transformers. 😛

Finally, we have my dad, uhmmm, I mean, Angelina Jolie’s dad, Jon Voight, in the film. I just can’t figure out yet what role he plays. I guess I’ll have to watch the movie, then. 🙂

Big Brother: Create your own comic strips

Do you want to create your own comic strip featuring the housemates of Big Brother Slovenia? Head on down to the english site, scroll down and look for the item called “Strip Creator,” and unleash your creativity. There’s an added bonus for Filipinos and fans of Pinoy Big Brother. PBB Season 2 housemate Bruce Quebral has his own caricature! 🙂

Not into cartoons and comic strips? Sit back, relax, and just read. The Big Brother Slovenia website has dozens of fan-made strips. I’ve taken the liberty of procuring samples and posting them below. 😉

Big Brother Strip 1

Big Brother Strip 3

Ceskypooh’s Must-Watch Films For 2007

Everybody who is anybody in the blogosphere is talking about their favorite films and I am no exception. I’m saving up, as I’m sure are Mom and Dad, for a few movies that I raring to watch. I even prepared a shortlist:

TransformersOptimus Prime

Quite frankly, I don’t know anything about this film, except that it’s a story about gigantic robots that can change into cars, trucks, helicopters, and jets. Dad, however, says it’s a good movie, so I’m willing to give it a shot. If Dad liked it when he was a child, I might love it, too.

I also downloaded the cartoon version, called Transformers the Movie, with BitTorrent. While I was watching it, my dad suddenly burst through the living room doors singing the movie’s theme songs. Gosh.

By the way, Optimus Prime rocks!

Spiderman 3

Now, Spiderman I am familiar with. He’s back, and so is his original arch-nemesis, the Green Goblin. Aside from Harry Osborne, Spidey needs to contend with two more baddies—Sandman and (gasp!) Venom!

Can’t wait to see the much-awaited battle royale of the comic book world—Spiderman versus Venom. My dad still keeps mint condition comic books featuring the webslinger and several other heroes. Oh, did I say mint? 😛

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I’ve read the book and that’s all I need to get me to the theaters come first day of showing. I just hope that it’s faithful to the book, which had a lot of scenes that are a tad bit gritty and dark than its predecessors.

Too bad the trailers posted on YouTube are all of bad quality. I would’ve enjoyed watching it even on a small screen.

Well, that’s about it. If I find more interesting movies, I’ll be sure to blog about it. Below are the trailers for the three movies. Enjoy!

Oh, by the way, have you see Harry Potter’s little harry? Click this. Hihihi. 😛

Random Thoughts: The magic of Eclectic Asylum Art

While surfing the Internet, particularly YouTube, I came across the most amazing video showing MS Paint (yes, the one that comes with your Microsoft Windows) painting step-by-step the, voila!, Mona Lisa.

Of course the program wasn’t painting on its own. It had help in the form of an art aficionado calling himself Eclectic Asylum Art.

Unbelievable? See for yourself. I’d like to point out, however, that the guy has been flamed already, called a fake. I’ll leave it to you to discern whether Eclectic Asylum Art is deserving of praises or jeers.