Cartoons: Therapy for the not-so-young

Make Way For Noddy

I was surfing the Internet for my favorite blogs yesterday when I came across Happy Nest, a blog handled by Ms. Toni Platon-Tiu for In her latest entry, Ms. Toni said she and her husband tune in to at least one of the three good kiddie channels on cable television—Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and The Disney Channel. Her reason: It’s good therapy for starting an otherwise dreary day.

I put my parents (well, at the moment, only Mama Joyce) through the same thing by tuning in to The Disney Playhouse immediately after waking up. And I make sure the television is tuned in to the same channel almost 24 hours a day. Haha! I swear, mom sometimes throws a fit because she can’t watch her favorite shows like CSI and House.

Fortunately for my tiny frame (which includes my tiny tush), the shows on The Disney Playhouse are infectiously entertaining, even for grownups. Heck, my Dada Joel can’t stop humming the theme from Make Way For Noddy. Whenever he’s here in Leyte, Dada’s as bright and light as a sprite.

I agree with Ms. Toni. Tune in to a cartoon channel early in the morning and let it help you breeze through a day of grinding.


Movies: Another Transformers trailer

Although it’s more of a music video if you ask me. And maybe it is. According to the video buff who posted the trailer on YouTube, it came from the MTV Movie (Music?) Awards. Well, in my eyes, it’s new, and deserves the space I give it. Besides, everybody in my family, and that includes Mama Joyce, are raring to run to the theater to watch this monumental film. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Movies: New Transformers trailer out

Here’s the new trailer of the Transformers movie by Michael Bay. All I can say at this point is “Wow!” But we have to see the entire film, which will start showing on July 4 worldwide, before making any judgment. Hopefully, it will not disappoint as much as Spiderman 3. I wish it will be as successful as the 80s cartoon series and the animated movie that inspired an entire generation.

It’s good to see familiar faces in the film, though. Shia LaBeouf is definitely a welcome sight. After starring in great films like Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and Constantine, it was only a matter of time before his star would shine brighter. As seen in the trailer, Shia gives life to Sam “Spike” Witwicky, the main “human” protagonist. The only question is (dad’s question, that is), “Where’s Carly?”

Josh Duhamel is also a plus for the movie. He has gained quite a following, thanks to his role as the sometimes-bumbling Danny in the hit television series Las Vegas. But I think I like him better in Vegas than dressed in a military uniform in Transformers. 😛

Finally, we have my dad, uhmmm, I mean, Angelina Jolie’s dad, Jon Voight, in the film. I just can’t figure out yet what role he plays. I guess I’ll have to watch the movie, then. 🙂

Cartoons: What they looked like in the 80s

My dad calls the 80s the Golden Age of Cartoons. After scouring YouTube for intros to his favorite weekend cartoons, I found a collection of what the author labeled as the “80s cartoon intro overload.”

Dada Joel’s favorites became apparent as I loaded the first few videos. I remember him humming—or even (gasp!) singing—some of the cartoons’ themes. Most of these cartoons are alien to me—Bionic Six, Thundercats, Silverhawks, Dino Riders, Pole Position, and a whole lot more.

I liked the intros of the Visionaries and Spiral Zone cartoons the best.

There are, however, familiar ones like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which has been revived through another cartoon of the same name and being shown on Cartoon Network. In the video, TMNT, as the show is more popularly known, has a different title, “Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles.” This is probably to avoid alienating some viewers who don’t know what the heck a ninja is. TMNT isn’t the only cartoon in the video to sport a different title. G.I. Joe is called “Action Force.” Dad says this is why some G.I. Joe toys in the 80s sported the Action Force logo and not the former.

If you want to view the videos, go to YouTube and search for “80s Cartoon Intro Overload,” or click through to the next page and select from any of the six posted there. 🙂

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Gaming: Are you addicted to MMORPGs?

I’m sure this topic has already been discussed ad nauseam, but I just want to have a crack at it. My approach, however, is different in the sense that I’m not going to talk about it. Rather, I’m posting a video which I’ve found on YouTube that best illustrates what addiction to massively multiplayer online role-playing games is, what it entails, what its effects are, and what happens after, whether you recover from it or not.

Oh, and I’m also sure someone has blogged about this video before. 😛

Movies: Fantastic Four 2, the herald cometh

Have you seen the trailer of the upcoming Fantastic Four film “Rise of the Silver Surfer”? Great noh? But have you considered the implications of the board-riding dude from Zenn La’s arrival on Earth? Although there’s nothing in the trailer to suggest that Galactus is on Norrin Radd’s tail, I’m not putting it above Marvel Comics to suddenly make him pop out of the woodwork at the end of the movie.

Confused and feeling left out? Click this to learn more about the chrome dome.

Movies: The Long Wait is Ogre!

The Ogre's Back!

Pun intended. Yes, the long wait is definitely over. Shrek the Third is set to hit cinemas on May 18. Darn, I forgot to include this film and The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer in Ceskypooh’s World Must-Watch Movies for 2007.

The last time I saw Shrek, it was on the boobtube, not on one of the cable movie channels but on rented video. Before going home each night, Dada Joel would pass by Video City to rent a few video compact discs. He’d always bring home three movies, one for him, usually action or sci-fi flicks, one for mom (romance, comedy or suspense), and one for me (cartoons, animation, kiddie).

I found Shrek scary at first. If not for the voice, I would’ve shunned him—it—entirely. But I loved Donkey and Puss In Boots. They’re adorable—so adorable that Dad tried to look for dolls in their likeness to add to my collection, which includes several Winnie the Poohs, Angelica of the Rugrats, and Pinky, a small, uhmmm, pink dog.

Here’s the film’s synopsis:

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