Ceskypooh’s World has moved

I’ve finally done what I first thought was impossible … I’ve moved Ceskypooh’s World to a new location. Kinda like moving to a new home, eh?

Go check it out! To my dear readers, thank you for all the support. 🙂


Perfect World Expedition: A newbie’s view of Pangu

Perfect World Expedition

It’s been a while since I posted, so I feel so rusty. Gosh. My absence can be attributed mainly to the fact that Dada Joel is so busy to help me maintain Ceskypooh’s World. But I vow to do my best to continue posting regularly. And now, for my first post in over a week, I’m happy to introduce a new blog co-authored by my father (so that’s what you’ve been doing, huh!).

Perfect World Expedition is, as its introductory phrase implies, “The adventures and misadventures of an erudite Pinoy gamer in his first-ever MMORPG.” Primarily authored by Dada Joel’s long-time friend, Relly de Guzman Carpio, the new blog provides a fresh take on online gaming. It features not only insights into a first-time MMO gamer but also funny anecdotes presented through one-line comic strips.

Here’s a sample entry:

I have never played an MMORPG before (that’s short for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, dearie, and its pronounced as spelled; try not to read it as a word). But I have played. Oh have I played. I have been playing Role-Playing Games since I was 12. On this, my 20th year as a gamer, I have finally decided to cross the final threshold, to finally drop the proverbial final fig leaf.

PBB2 Update: Wendy Valdez, Maxim covergirl

Maxim Philippines must really be desperate to dislodge FHM from the top of the list of best men’s magazines. Why? Because they just wrapped up the pictorial for the August 2007 cover with none other than our favorite Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 housemate Wendy Valdez.

Ehem. Now that I’ve got that bias off my chest … let’s focus on the pros and cons of having Wendy as the covergirl.

Advantage: Wendy is beautiful and sexy, making selling the magazine a breeze.

Disadvantage: Wendy’s, uhmm, scars and other skin problems show quite clearly. Without the help of Photoshop, I don’t see how they’d make her beauty stand out. Well, they’ve done it before, with Angelica Panganiban, I don’t see any reason why they can’t do it again.

Advantage: Wendy’s popularity definitely gives ABS-CBN Publishing and Maxim Philippines an edge. Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 is, after all, an ABS-CBN show. Why not cash in on the “brand building” they’ve invested on during the show’s three-month run?

Disadvantage: Wendy’s notoriety definitely throws a spanner into the works, as even flesh-ogling males have a hard time understanding the housemate’s antics while inside the Big Brother house.

Darn! I’ve run out of witty remarks. Can you contribute a few? No bashing please—we’ve had enough of those already. Just witty, factual remarks based on your observations.

MMORPG: Perfect World opens doors today

It’s official. Level Up! Games is opening the doors of Perfect World to open beta players today. This marks a milestone for my family as both Dada Joel and Mama Joyce are players—not necessarily fans—of the popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game from China, although Mom is by far the better and more avid gamer. :p

Here’s the announcement from Level Up! Games:

Perfect World Gearing Up to Go Open Beta!

Perfect World is getting ready for its open beta, and we would like to express our gratitude to all our closed beta players for all the support and patience they expressed during this period.

Today, July 18, Perfect World goes Open Beta, when we can once again enjoy adventuring together.

Thank you!

PW Team

Video courtesy of Hinge Inquirer Publications and GAME! Magazine.

Toys: Transformers now and then

Optimus Prime - Movie“That’s Optimus Prime!” I’d probably blurt out some time in the future when our family comes across this toy at the mall. Children of my generation and those of previous ones, born five or so years ahead of me, would shout out the same thing.

Although I haven’t had the chance to watch the movie, considering Dada Joel and Mama Joyce won’t watch movies, no matter the level of excitement, without us being together, I know that this image of the being called Prime will forever be in my mind. (Mama and I are still in Leyte, a province about a gazillion miles southeast of Manila, where Dada is working to keep us alive).

Optimus Prime - 20th AnniversaryDada, on the other hand, would probably shout “No, that’s Optimus Prime” if this toy was put right beside the Peterbilt truck. In a recent conversation we had, he told me about Uncle Relly’s disappointment with the Transformers Movie (not the 1996 version).

“It’s a bastardization of what we have come to love,” or something like that, Dada quoted Uncle Relly as saying. Hmmm, what the hell does bastardization mean. Oooh, Dada, you’re in trouble now.

Very soon, I feel, Dada will put me through sort of an indoctrination, to straighten out my perception of how the Transformers look like—at least in my father’s and all my uncles’ eyes … of how Bumblebee should be a Volkswagen Beetle (“Heck, that’s why they named him Bumblebee!” Dada is wont to say) and not a sleek concept Camaro. :p

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RPG: Killer shirts for women on sale

Magic Missile Shirt

“Guns don’t kill people, magic missiles do.”

If Mama Joyce was a hard-core tabletop role-playing game fanatic, she’d wear one of these babies. Well, my dad used to play RPGs way before he met mom and helped conceive me, so he understands the significance of this shirt.

Here’s the product description from J!NX, the clothing company that manufactures it.

It ain’t easy being out there with all the drugs, violence, and maverick spell casting. Seems like a day can’t go by without reading gruesome story of a gangsta mage filling some unsuspecting pally with magic missiles. So, tip your 40 to all those hardcore RPGers you’ve lost to the streets.

The shirt costs $17.95 to $18.95, comes in several sizes, from small to double extra large, and is available online. Cool. Gotta get Mom one.

Events: Are you ready for RAW action and war?

Diehard RAW!

Uncle Ninong Jasper’s bringing out the big guns, literally and figuratively, this Sunday, July 1, at Baghdad in Libis, Quezon City, for the First Philippine Real Action Wargame Competition.

If you look at the banner for the event, you’ll see Bruce Willis’ handsome, blood-streaked mug. That’s because the event is tied to the premiere of the movie Diehard 4.0, sponsored by radio station Wave 89.1.

So what are you waiting for? Hie on over to the official site, read all about the event, and prepare for war on Sunday. You might also want to know what guns they’ll be using for the wargames. If you’re curious enough, click this.