Cartoons: Therapy for the not-so-young

Make Way For Noddy

I was surfing the Internet for my favorite blogs yesterday when I came across Happy Nest, a blog handled by Ms. Toni Platon-Tiu for In her latest entry, Ms. Toni said she and her husband tune in to at least one of the three good kiddie channels on cable television—Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and The Disney Channel. Her reason: It’s good therapy for starting an otherwise dreary day.

I put my parents (well, at the moment, only Mama Joyce) through the same thing by tuning in to The Disney Playhouse immediately after waking up. And I make sure the television is tuned in to the same channel almost 24 hours a day. Haha! I swear, mom sometimes throws a fit because she can’t watch her favorite shows like CSI and House.

Fortunately for my tiny frame (which includes my tiny tush), the shows on The Disney Playhouse are infectiously entertaining, even for grownups. Heck, my Dada Joel can’t stop humming the theme from Make Way For Noddy. Whenever he’s here in Leyte, Dada’s as bright and light as a sprite.

I agree with Ms. Toni. Tune in to a cartoon channel early in the morning and let it help you breeze through a day of grinding.

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  1. woo, all my favorite kiddie shows from Disney playhouse…Take note ineng Disney playhouse not the other Disney channel ….are on my friendster blog. They became my favorite when I started working as Nanny in Singapore. No choice lol! But to my surprise I find them interesting to watch…And I am missing Little Brown Bear now :(…Even Madeline. hmm it’s okay actually, I still watching Lazy Town hero and some new kiddie shows in Family Channel here in Canada

  2. Hi Cesky! Glad to see you’re back. 🙂

    I used to watch Princess Sarah and Cedie when I was younger. Now, I let my daughter watch “Miss Spider” and “Fun Song Factory.” But I’d like her to read more books too. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the special mention! I’m glad my little piece helped trigger such wonderful thoughts from you. Cartoons rock! 😀

  4. tuning in to The Disney Playhouse immediately after waking up

  5. ako din, i used to watch princess sarah and cede 🙂

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