Dengue or UTI? Which is it? I want to know now!

Talk about tantrums. I’m sick. Not in the head, but really sick—the kind that drags your body asunder. It’s my lungs again. They’re pretty weak. Must’ve come from Dada Joel’s side of the family. As far as I know, DaddyLo Jess had asthma when he was a child. Dada, on the other hand, suffered from the same malady from grade school to high school. He still has bouts every now and then, especially after a terrible cold.

That’s what happened to me. It started with a cold. Durned virus. And just like my father before me, my cold graduated into a cough … a dry and unfruitful cough. Mama Joyce is in a quandary. About an hour after she sent a text message to my pediatrician, Tita Doc replied and urged Mama to put me through a complete blood count and urinalysis—whatever these are (thanks for the spelling corrections WordPress, Microsoft Word and Dada Joel). Seriously, though, I feel fine aside from the sudden fits of coughing and the recurring fever.

Mama tells me that’s what the CBC is for. Doc suspects I may have contracted dengue fever, since I feel normal during most times of the day but feverish when nappy and sleeping time comes around the corner. I don’t know what the weewee exam is for. UTI? What’s that? Something to do with my, well, weewee or tinkle or whatever you grownups call it nowadays.

Well, looks like I’m going to be out of commission these coming days. In a few minutes, Mama will whisk me to the hospital for testing and—gasp!—confinement. I certainly hope not. I hate being tied down to a hospital bed when there are so many things to do … so many places to explore.

Dada’s probably going nuts right now and praying his heart out. Hope the Big G hears him. I hate getting sick, and I’m sure Dada hates worrying his guts out while he’s a thousand kilometers away.

7 Responses

  1. Hey Cesky! Hope it’s nothing serious. I’m sure your mama and dada’s prayers will whisk all those troubling viruses away.
    Still it’s nice to see you back with a clean new layout.

    Get well soon!


  2. Thanks, Angel Jayme. 🙂

    We appreciate the concern.


    Joel, Joyce, Francesca Jadzia

  3. So you’re alright now Cesky? I hope so. I’ve been having ‘busy’ days myself nursing my son who’s caught a really bad case of colds. Now he’s got a hoarse voice and since he’s just two, he still doesn’t know how to expel all those phlegm and colds. I’m sure your ‘rents are quite ‘busy’ just like me now taking care of you and thinking of your health.

  4. nakakaparanoid talaga ang dengue at nakakatakot pa.

  5. I hate UTI’s and putting a stop to my reoccuring bladder infections took me quite abit of reasearch. While searching online for urinary track infection remedies, I discovered a simple way to cure them by combining three different grocery store items. I really had it with visiting my doctor, taking drugs/antibiotics, and having those long nights away, painfully trying to urinate.

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  6. i also hate UTI..the symptoms are damn unbearable..Moreover, it creeps up over and over again…

  7. i am also suffering from UTI…please suggest a treatment..thanks..

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