Perfect World: Egwene in the house!

Perfect World bonAkid and Malystryx

Dada Joel has just finished watching his first-ever episode of Level Up! TV, a weekly show on cable animation channel Hero, and the first words from his mouth: “WTF!” Uhmmm, what’s that supposed to mean? Probably another swear word I shouldn’t be asking about.

Anyway, the show and its features were not really what got Dada Joel so het up. It was seeing Chris Haravata getting interviewed about Perfect World, the latest massively multiplayer online role-playing game from, who else, Level Up! Games.

No, he’s not jealous that Tito Chris got interviewed instead of, ehem, him. Dada Joel, copy editor of GAME!, the Philippines’ best online gaming magazine, was just surprised to find out that the avatar that Tito Chris, aka (also known as) ChrisH, played–Egwene–was known to him. Well, I just told Dada Joel that Tito Chris probably didn’t know, too. So they’re on equal footing. Hehe.

I’m currently playing a character on Perfect World, too, with the help of Mama Joyce. Guess what my avatar’s name is…

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  1. aus aus!!
    PW lang tau!!
    dragon me…pm me YS level 87 bongkie

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