Toys: Transformers now and then

Optimus Prime - Movie“That’s Optimus Prime!” I’d probably blurt out some time in the future when our family comes across this toy at the mall. Children of my generation and those of previous ones, born five or so years ahead of me, would shout out the same thing.

Although I haven’t had the chance to watch the movie, considering Dada Joel and Mama Joyce won’t watch movies, no matter the level of excitement, without us being together, I know that this image of the being called Prime will forever be in my mind. (Mama and I are still in Leyte, a province about a gazillion miles southeast of Manila, where Dada is working to keep us alive).

Optimus Prime - 20th AnniversaryDada, on the other hand, would probably shout “No, that’s Optimus Prime” if this toy was put right beside the Peterbilt truck. In a recent conversation we had, he told me about Uncle Relly’s disappointment with the Transformers Movie (not the 1996 version).

“It’s a bastardization of what we have come to love,” or something like that, Dada quoted Uncle Relly as saying. Hmmm, what the hell does bastardization mean. Oooh, Dada, you’re in trouble now.

Very soon, I feel, Dada will put me through sort of an indoctrination, to straighten out my perception of how the Transformers look like—at least in my father’s and all my uncles’ eyes … of how Bumblebee should be a Volkswagen Beetle (“Heck, that’s why they named him Bumblebee!” Dada is wont to say) and not a sleek concept Camaro. :p

Bumblebee, then and now

Now, all that Dada needs to clear up is, “Who the hell is Arcee?”

Many thanks to Hasbro and Seibertron for the photographs.


3 Responses

  1. i just love bumblebee!

  2. Speaking of toys, your readers might be interested in our first-ever Level Up ToyFest where employees get to showcase their toy collections.

    And did I tell you that there a lot of Transformers?

    Cheers 🙂

    GM T

  3. well, what a nice toy 🙂

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