Egad! My dad’s 92 percent addicted to blogging

Yep, you read that right. Dada Joel is 92 percent addicted to blogging. I learned this after answering several questions for dad on a site called Mingle2.

Actually, we didn’t really need that site to tell us what we already know. Just the act of getting me, his daughter, Joyce, my mother and his wife, and other family members like MommyLo, my paternal grandmother, in on the phenomena is proof enough.

Soon, very soon, our family will dethrone the Racomas, the Philippines’ royal family of bloggers. Gosh, I really hope not. Hehe. Peace, Tita Dine. 🙂


4 Responses

  1. Peace, Cesky…i’ve got to convince hubby to blog now!

  2. tried it and only made 75%. barely passing…

  3. Wow…I think I can relate!

    BTW, I have made a change of URL since I moved my blog. Please update your linklist when you get a chance!

    Thanks girl….have a good one!

  4. I dont know yet how addicted i am to blogging… ill check it later.. hey you have a great website

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