Events: Are you ready for RAW action and war?

Diehard RAW!

Uncle Ninong Jasper’s bringing out the big guns, literally and figuratively, this Sunday, July 1, at Baghdad in Libis, Quezon City, for the First Philippine Real Action Wargame Competition.

If you look at the banner for the event, you’ll see Bruce Willis’ handsome, blood-streaked mug. That’s because the event is tied to the premiere of the movie Diehard 4.0, sponsored by radio station Wave 89.1.

So what are you waiting for? Hie on over to the official site, read all about the event, and prepare for war on Sunday. You might also want to know what guns they’ll be using for the wargames. If you’re curious enough, click this.


2 Responses

  1. of course i will watch this movie. i am a big fan of Bruce Willis! but then, Harry Potter is on Wednesday, and we already have tickets.

  2. You already have tickets?!? Waaaaaaaaah! Darn it. That’s it. Cesky, Joyce, come home now! Hehehe. :p

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