PBB2: Eleventh evictee, Bruce … Should’ve been Wendy

Yes, yes, yes … I know. I’ve promised that I wouldn’t be judgmental, to refrain from passing judgment on any housemate. I just feel like speaking up after the week-long run of Wendy-haters having the time of their lives posting inane to insane tirades against the most-hated Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 housemate. Gosh, she even surpassed the hate generated by first evictee Jasmin.

There’s really not much to say, seeing as how everyone who’s got a mind to speak out against what is widely perceived as a conspiracy at ABS-CBN, the producer of the popular reality television show. Only one thought comes to mind: If what ABS-CBN says is true, that the voting is not rigged, then Wendy is probably more loved than we think. So here’s a challenge to all us Wendy-haters (or those who hate what she’s doing and not necessarily her being), let’s refrain from voting for Wendy so she’ll be booted out on Thursday. Once the voting is over and our favorite housemate is still in the running to be the Big Winner of the show, then it only means that all this mudslinging is the work of a select few. Do you really want Wendy out of the house?

Bruce, evicted

It’s a good thing that half of the hate equation is already out of the house—not that I really mind him being in the Big Four. His actions in the past three weeks, however, left little to be desired. The lovesick puppy act was grating on nerves … it had to stop. It’s just surprising that a lot more people love Wendy more than Bruce.

Lastly, I’d like to apologize to readers/viewers of Ceskypooh’s World for my tardiness. Thank you for continuing to patronize the blog. Rest assured, we will keep posting so you can keep reading. 😉

14 Responses


    if she makes it to the big 4 then two things are true:

    1. the conspiracy theory and
    2. the conspiracy theory

    if that happens we should boycott abs-cbn and it’s sponsors!

  2. it’s between gee-an, bea and wendy be the next evictee. the big four should be 2 boys and 2 girls.

  3. Wendy + Demonyo = WENDEMONYO!

  4. i think the wendy supporters are just as brainless as she is. Com’on wake up! is she worth the support u r giving her. As you may have noticed what’s in this girls mind is money money money! friendship is nothing to her..so why the waste of text votes? its like voting for the devil..

    WENDY —— 22.74% — 560,690
    BEA —— 19.74% — 486,720
    MICKEY —— 19.70% — 485,734
    G-ANN —— 17.38% — 428,531
    BODIE —— 13.89% — 342,479
    BRUCE —— 6.35% — 156,569
    WENDY —— 20.83% — 329,108
    BEA —— 18.19% — 287,397
    MICKEY —— 18.00% — 284,395
    G-ANN —— 17.84% — 281,867
    BODIE —— 15.60% — 246,476
    BRUCE —— 5.79% — 91,480
    NEL —— 3.75% — 59,249

  6. Alisin na c Wendymon dahil sagabal cya sa aking paningin at bruha cya, yun lang…

  7. wendy is a poor,stupid bitch! boang c wendy! pero mas boang lahat ng staff sa PBB! we dont like her! mukhang pera! maldita xa, and so bastos! bat nmn kc pinagbigyan ni bruce c kuya.. alam nu na ano gnawa nilang dalawa para.. yes gnawa ni bruce para lang ma save si wendy! ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! sana masunog ang PBB HOUSE AND odcors ang ABS-CBN! Blehhhhhhhhhhhh…

  8. i used to love watching PBB khit sbi nila scripted lahat.. pero now nkakawala tlga na ng gana kc sumusobra na tlga.. lahat kc mga tao na observed ko karamihan ayw nila kay wendy. they dont like wendy.. wala nmn tlga ako nun.. kaya lang, ewan ko lang bat pa nka pasok xa sa big4 wen ol i knw and i blv evrybdy hates her..lol mhmm,..maybe its rli bcoz SCRIPTED tlga .. waste u lang load nu! lol hahahaahahah! pasenxa…

  9. wenday pangit! we hate u? wendy lbas!

  10. lutong macao n mnnlo sa big brother! ala kwenta mnood! kkainis!

  11. people power n lng tau sa big dome! PGLBAS N WENDY BATUHIN NG KMATIS! DIREK DYOGI… CUTE K SANA . . . KY LNG . . . VICTIM K N RN B NG KMANDAG NI WENDY? . . . BWA HA HA. . .

  12. we cannot blame ABS_CBN when they decided to include wendy into the big 4. for sure mataas ang rating. everybody will watch the finale to see if wendy will win. publicity whether good or bad is still publicity. the management will produce much income even at the expense of promoting good morals and values among the filipino people. marami sigurado ang maiintriga at manunood. kita nyo, nabreak pa ang all time record ng texters’ vote from season 1. siempre pag mataas ang rating mataas din ang kita from the sponsors. kaya wag na kayong bumoto. sayang lang ang pera nyo. kitang kita naman ang ginagawa nila. wag na kayong maniwala sa ABS-CBN ay merong RESPOSIBLE Journalism. panig DAW sa katotohanan, panig sa bayan. sino lolokohin nyo.

  13. Im just wonderin kung ilang taon na tlga c wendemonyo. On her graduation last march, she told big brother that she waited 8 years for her diploma.tapos sabi nya na 95 pa ung school ID nya… ang alam ko kc pag cnabi nya na 95 then ibig sabihin it is either school year 1994 to 95 cya nag enrol ng first year or school yr 1995 to 1996.Sabi pa nya nag japayuki cya ( imposible wla cyaHapon Dun)so panu nya nakapasok ng 8 yrs sa University.. Pls tell big brother that I need explanation for this.. Saka ung eyelid kc nya parang tander na cya..

    isa pa na nakakainis.. ang hirap nyang matanggal sa bahay na yan… ang bagay sa babaeng yan ay tinatali, sinasabunutan at sinusunog sa plaza.. heheehh
    mukhang pera!

  14. OO nga. Hay. Marami ang nagalit nung hindi natanggal si wendy. Hay naku!

    BTW, I see that you will be attending the Taste Asia event this coming July 3. I will also be attending the said event. See you there!

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