PBB2: Bongga ka, Nel, Mister Perfect!

Bongga ka, Nel

“Bakit hindi si (Why not) Wendy?” Such a funny reaction to the 10th eviction night of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2, which began airing almost four months ago with a completely new set of individuals who want to share a little of their lives and experiences to millions of Filipino viewers.

Wendy, as most of Ceskypooh’s World’s readers know, has been the subject of much flaming these past few days not only on this blog but in countless of other blogs and forums dedicated to the popular reality television series.

So why didn’t Wendy get evicted? Why did Nel get the lowest votes this week? Nel received less than four percent of the total number of votes cast in the past week. Weird, most Pinoy Big Brother viewers say, as Nel has always been a fan favorite, and his popularity was very evident in last night’s eviction as hundreds of fans cheered him.

Conspiracy theories abound. My best guess is still the possibility that Bruce and Wendy are part of Big Brother’s grand plot. That the two, as we recently found out, have known each other even before the show started … that they were probably recruited by Big Brother to serve as rabble-rousers and controversy generators inside the house … that their roles would finally be made public in the coming week—the last week of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2.

How about you? What do you think is going on?

11 Responses

  1. aaaah! kainis, dapat si wendy yung na-evict! 😦

  2. for me nel really didn’t stand a chance. i think when pitted against everyone, he is really the weakest. my picks for the top four were Gee Ann, Bea, Mickey and Bruce, with Gee Ann emerging as the big winner. I’m having second thoughts on the guys now because Bodie’s had good airtime recently. Wendy should be next and then we would all be in peace. mwahahaha

  3. Why the hell Nel went out of the house since many are really expecting that Wendy would be the grand evictee last night. The hell they say that this tandem of Bruce and Wendy is merely a scripted story. I myself believe that there’s something really fishy inside this show. Why for the first time only the evictee’s result was shown. What happened? Is there someone manipulating this scores? Or is it just a big lie to everyone so that ABS-CBN would get the highest rating show on earth? Disgusting.

    If you try to look back at Wendy, is she really acting last night? I bet she’ll be the Best Actress ever been. Bruce and Wendy overacted the show during the eviction. What the hell! Only a week left, yet all of them will come out of the house, why it looks that they won’t see each other anymore. Funny.

    Just an opinion.


    Doesn’t it seem unusual that only Wendy,Bruce, Gee-Ann and Bea were given due attention the past week prior to eviction night when they were included in the fake nomination and it was not even made clear to the viewers that people could still vote for Nel, Mickey and Bodie. Since most of the viewers thought that they should only vote for Wendy, Bruce Gee-ann or Bea, there was a very good chance that those who really supported Mickey and Nel did not vote to save them simply because they did not know they were also nominated for eviction . It was a lucky streak for Bodie that he was given due exposure when he had to scuba dive for the rings while Micky and Nel seemed to have been lost in oblivion. It was also worth noting that Nel garnered only 3.75% votes ( Unbelievable!) while the remaining 96.25% was not even broken down for viewers to see. ( Were they hiding something?)


    Surprisingly, in spite of Bruce’s and Wendy’s nauseous attempts to give an exaggerated albeit unacceptable interpretation of the word “pagpapakatotoo”with tantrums,lousy theatrics,unstable display of emotions, foul unforgivable disgusting behavior,and overall failure to cope with certain situations, they were still among those who were still allowed to stay in the house ( hmm, something’s fishy don’t you think? Does the management favor Wendy and Bruce?)Bruce a spineless jerk and Wendy the shrieking out of control banshee. Imagine if your children see these two adults acting improperly and getting away with it just because they are just “nagpapakatotoo”. Such a lame excuse. Does the management condone or worse epitomize such behavior? I honestly believe Mickey ,specially Nel were not given a fair chance and became victims of media manipulation. Wendy should definitely have been voted out. She is a disgrace to the Filipina. If she and /or Bruce is/are included in the big four more so if declared big winner then definitely all the values that our ancestors have even died for would have all just gone down the drain. UNFAIR!!!

  5. well, kanyakanyang manok yan. whatever opinions you ahve as to who shuld have gone out, the verdict is there. you are all showing the typical filipino political trait : pag natalo, dinaya.
    c,mon folks…. let us enjoy the show… next season kayo lahat pumasok sa pbb at nang maranasan din ninyong mahusgahan…. di ba?


    When i saw the proof that wendy was part of the Pinoy dream girl and she together with bruce are models managed by the same agency that was the time i started to believe that this is already scripted. Not to mention that they were able to put wendy back to the house. I think the management is promoting a love team for the 2 so they could sell them after the PBB2 season. Sana naman hanggang promotion na lang ng love team ang gawin nyo. wag nyo na sanang gawing status symbol para manalo pa yang mga yan. NAKAKASUKA NA KAYO.


    During the week, the cameras and issues were focused on the 3 girls and bruce. As presented in the show i and also the other viewer would perceive that the 3 girls and bruce were the only ones nominated. it was not clarified who the people would vote for. Even in the uplate show, mariel always said “bumoto na kayo” after expounding much on the issue of wendy, the 2 other girls and Bruce. advertisement on who to vote for were presented individually. so, who would you expect to get the highest vote.


    The show dwelled to much on the issue of the 3 girls and bruce as if the 4 were the only housemates nominated. only in the middle of the week(Thursday) did i(or even the other viewers) were informed that it was a fake nomination. It was already too late for the other housemates who were not in the picture and their fans to catch up for the votes which the other housemates had already had a jump start. Unfortunate for Nel that he was casted out of oblivion that the viewers or his fans were not able to save him.


    i hope Mickey won’t suffer the same fate as Nel. maganda pa naman ang values & attitude na ipinakikita ni Mickey. When given the task, he will try his best to accomplish it even if the other housemates were against him. Kahit noong naiinis sya sa mga kasama nya, he knows how to hold his temper and show his feeling in a mature & educated way. he also showed great determination. i hope that his values and attitude should be expounded more for the younger generation to immitate.


    the reason why i don’t watch ABS-CBN’s News programs is because i feel that the news, issues and comments were already scripted (and invented) that they interview people to pull the words they wanted out of their mouths. they always have reasons to blame the government on certain issues (yun bang kahit bumaba na ang dollar or bumaba na price ng gasolina meron pa ring isisisi sa gobyerno). pati ba naman dito sa PBB2 minamanipulate pa rin nila. pumapangit tuloy ang show.


    what values does ABS-CBN wanted to promote to the Filipno people. Does the management wanted to promote MENDICACY like they do in WOWOWEE. Nakanganga na lang ang tao in the hope na me maaawa sa kanila at bibigyan na lang sila ng kanilang pangangailangan. un bang ang mahihirap lang ang dapat manalo dahil sila ang mas ngangailangan ng pera or prizes at hindi yung talagang mga deserving ang manalo. Kung ang plano nyo ay manalo pa si wendy o bruce anong values naman ang dapat i-idolize sa kanila.


    Wake-up ABS-CBN. You know that you could reach the Filipino people even in the country side. You have the power of information or misinformation. you have the power to suggest consciously or subconsciously. Help in promoting good attitude, values & discipline among the Filipino people instead. Wala na sana ung mga intriga at pagpapamukha sa mga tao na sila ay aping api to the point na hindi na sila gumagalaw dahil meron namang puwedeng sisihin sa kanilang mishaps. tanggalin nyo na yung attitude na pag nagkasala o mali ang tao ay sasabihin lang nila na dahil sa mahirap lang sila at gobyerno ang dapat sisihin. tumulong sana kayo na maging maayos ang pananaw nila sa buhay at mawala na ang puro reklamo. sana ay itanim nyo sa isip ng tao na kaya nating umasenso basta me disiplina lang at tyaga at me pagmamahal sa Diyos, sarili at kapwa.

  7. Is he gay? XD

    The votes are rigged.

  8. And I think they’re doing it so that people would be more fired up to vote, don’t you agree?

  9. Sa pasulpot sulpot na panonood ko ng PBB2, nakakagulat naman na si Wendy pa ang na save at si Neil ang na evict. It should be the other way around. Nakakatamad na tuloy manood ng PBB kasi nagiging obvious na kung sino ang gusto nilang papanalunin, iyong ang nasusunod. Scripted baga. Hay naku sinasabi ko na nga ba. Doon na lang sa pagka evict kuno ni Wendy tapos biglang pinabalik, me malansa na akong naaamoy. And super nakakasuka naman ang acting din nina Bruce and Wendy. Sana ABS CBN should analyze kung bakit unlike doon sa first season, very boring ang PBB season 2

  10. wendy not worthy maging big winner…
    lalu na si bruce na alang paninindigan…tangatanga!
    they deserve each other
    isang bobita and tanga!!!

  11. ay naku…
    sa sobrang scripted natanggal ang di dapat matanggal…
    halata na kung sino ang gusto panalunin!!!!
    Si direct DYOGI ang panalo…
    kahit ano mangyari si direct lang ang mananalo!

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