PBB2: Did Bruce and Wendy know each other before joining show?

Did they or didn’t they, that is the question. About a week ago, I received an anonymous comment (as all comments are on blogs, leading us to the question of whether we should delete comments that attack a person, but it’s a subject for another post) claiming Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 housemates Bruce Quebral and Wendy Valdes knew each other even before they joined the show.

The comment-poster also suggested that the entire second season of the popular television show was scripted—again basing this on the premise that the two housemates turned love birds have known each other for a long time. To back up the claims, the anonymous comment-poster posted a URL, more commonly known as an Internet address, that led here.

The site is owned by a modeling company that has Bruce and Wendy in its roster of talents. Take a peek at the photos.

So does this mean they have known each other from the very start of the show’s second season? Your guess is as good as mine.


24 Responses

  1. thanks for the info… di nga talaga cla deserving n manalo mga manloloko pala cla. kaya pala ganun na lang ang galit ni wendy kay ge-ann at bea dahil akala nia mananalo na xa sa set-up nila ni bruce.. let’s expect na c wendy ang mapapalayas ngaung saturday.. gggrrrr!

  2. Frankly speaking, I think it’s a plot twist. I remember hearing rumors when the show just started that ABS-CBN was placing “moles” or “insiders” in the house, mixing them with the other housemates. Who knows, maybe there’s truth to the rumors and Bruce and Wendy are the so-called moles.

  3. I hate Wendy!!! Let’s vote for Ge-ann XD (However you spell her name)

  4. I hate Wendy too!!!! It isn’t necessary that if your true to yourself that you become so bitchy.

    Mahirap na. Pangit pa ugali!!!!

  5. I like Bea and Gee-ann

  6. I totally agree with you guys na i guess, the BRENDY love story is scripted at parang pinag handaan (sorry big brother) but I still love and would continue watching PBB. I don’t like Wendy’s unbecoming behavior. Dahil ang alam ko ang totoong PINOY marunong tumanggap ng failures or should i say criticism sa ibang tao. At itong si Bruce, yan ba ang gentleman? Love niya ikamo si Wendy? Eh bakit niya hinahayaan magsasalita nang mga very mean words si Wendy? Mahilig din ata sa intriga ang lalaking ito? Di sila dapat mapasama sa BIG FOUR!

  7. […] Mercator Model Management suddenly becomes inaccessible. Hmmm, I wonder why. Thank goodness Ceskypooh was able to get screencaps of the site where Bruce and Wendy worked together as models. Here are […]

  8. Please read…


    Dear Mr Lopez:
    My amusement and intrigue in watching Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 here in Singapore has turned into an absolute disgust.
    I cannot fathom why such an established organization who claims to be socially responsible and has helped to alleviate the plight of countless lives allows and glorify acts of “shameless bullying” on international television.
    Mr Lopez, in case you are not aware, bullying in any form is totally an unacceptable behavior. To glamorize such on real life circumstances should be considered a crime.
    I have been watching your Pinoy Big Brother 2 religiously for nearly 4 months now and I can’t help but notice and be alarmed by the disgusting behavior exhibited by one of the reality show’s female contestant. What’s even more appalling is the nonchalant treatment ABS-CBN is giving it.
    Your television shows must always adhere to invincible moral benchmark and norm. In case you have not noticed, a female character on your show which is obviously a “favourite of sort” by some powers that be had so far displayed nothing but despicable qualities bordering on lunacy. I am bothered on the messages you are sending me as your viewer. I am 35, a full grown man with an IQ of 142. I can’t imagine the messages received by those who are younger and with lesser capacity to digest information?
    To show clips of the female character using poverty as her means to justify her evil deeds is a spit on the face of every dignified poor, struggling and hardworking Filipino there in the homeland and here in abroad. Her persona is the embodiment of everything wrong about the Filipino psyche and the perception of what life is all about. I am not trying to tell you how to do your job Sir, just reminding you to take a closer look on what’s happening.
    During the past few days, the Big Brother, (using his moral discretion) showed footages of this female character bullying her two housemates to a level even someone with down-syndrome would find unacceptable. On top of that, this show leverages on the “improper relationship” of this character again to a guy who is an utter disgrace to every Filipino Barako. What about the rest? What the “Fish” was that?
    I have to admit, your PBB 2 show has been quite an interesting show to watch specially in its earlier stage. Unfortunately, it soured into (many will agree with this) – an unpalatable junk that is hard to swallow.
    During the past weeks, the show’s theme evolved on bitterness, hatred, hypocrisy, self-indulgent behavior and doomed “romantic relationship”.
    Mr “Big Brother” focused on these depressing matters which did nothing but further contribute to the deterioration of my fellow Filipino’s social and moral fiber.
    In case you have not seen your own “popular show”, which I believe is raking you millions, please spare some time, take a step back and discern what is right for your audience.
    If I may share with you an advice my brilliant Journalism professor, told me once;
    He said; “Once you graduate and pursue a career with the media, always remember that you are a man of power and influence. Please do not feed people with garbage” Mr Gabby Lopez, I don’t eat garbage. Your Reality Show Has Turned Into a Nightmare!
    You are a powerful and an influential man Sir,
    You may not be Spider-Man, but still, a powerful man.
    I believe you saw the first installment of this movie.
    Kindly heed Uncle Ben’s poignant words –
    “With great power, comes great responsibility.”
    I only request as a subscriber to your business (TFC), to ensure that the outcome of your reality show or any shows of similar nature involving millions of public monies must not be influenced directly or indirectly by anyone other than the public.
    It is a known fact that show business is all about the money and the bling-blings.
    But please – PBB 2 is a reality show, not politics.
    Let the public decide. This is the least ABS-CBN should do.
    ABS-CBN owe this to each and every Filipino who made ABS-CBN what it is today?
    You owe this to your viewers, you owe it to me.
    Yours truly
    (Neither a Kapamilya nor a Kapuso)
    Just a gorgeous man who still believes that being a Filipino
    is still something to be proud of amidst its 7,000,001 idiosyncrasies.

  9. Hi im 1 fd million fans of pbb.esp bruce&wendy.go wendy kw lng ngb2gay ng kulay sa bhay ni kuya.dpt lng bgyan k ng 2nd CHANCE go wendy wag ka magppapa ka api sa pupet n c gee ann………….wag k maniwla sa mga hausm8 iNGGIT LNG CLA SA INYO N BRUCE DHL SA INYO ####1C ANG PBB….hoy G ANN KMUKHA M C INING… UNG PUPET NI ASIA HAHAHAHAHAH. WE LUV U WENDZ & BRUCE HOP ISA SA NYO MANALO MAMATAY CLA SA INGGIT…………


  11. I really don’t think Wendy&Bruce have a lot of fans. I honestly doubt that.

    And to have fans go down to commiting the fallacy of ad hominem, I’m not surprised. 🙂

    I’m hoping that decent people are plentiful and that they’ll stop unpleasant things from happening 🙂

  12. avid fan ako ng pbb session 1, pbb teen edition, celebriy at kahit yong dream academy kahit napupuyat go to watch pa rin at nag enjoy kami ng family ko pero itong pbb2 ok sana nasira lang dahil sa lukaret at malditang si wendy rat!!!!! kahit mga kaofficemate ko nawalan ng gana manuod kahit boss ko watch to the max sana maalis na yong 2 the original plastic.

    Thank ang more power sa pbb2

  13. go wendy and bruce go!go!go! out sa bahat ni big brother. You’re the original orocan super plastic!!!!!!oust!!!!


  15. it’s very obvious… favorite si wendy ni kuya (or whoever those “ninong” o “ninang” nya sa loob). bakit na-vote out na sya pinabalik pa… and hindi pa maalis-alis kahit garapal na ugali na ang ipinakita nya. If i’m d juror force eviction n dapat c wendy because of her indecent behavior she have shown especially with her two other housemates… di ugali ng Filipina ung pinakita nya… nakakahiya sa buong mundo…

    marami n talagang me ayaw kay wendy una palang kaya obvious na obvious – kuya’s pet sya… ma-evict na sana sya hindi sya bagay maging big winner… mukhang pera kasi sya…

    WENDY —— 22.74% — 560,690
    BEA —— 19.74% — 486,720
    MICKEY —— 19.70% — 485,734
    G-ANN —— 17.38% — 428,531
    BODIE —— 13.89% — 342,479
    BRUCE —— 6.35% — 156,569
    WENDY —— 20.83% — 329,108
    BEA —— 18.19% — 287,397
    MICKEY —— 18.00% — 284,395
    G-ANN —— 17.84% — 281,867
    BODIE —— 15.60% — 246,476
    BRUCE —— 5.79% — 91,480
    NEL —— 3.75% — 59,249

  17. REfrain from watching any shows of ABS CBN which supports wendy’s to stardom. AT least give a chance for us filipino viewers to assert our voice .We already gave wendy a chance of her life and that was to accpet the 300k prize and for me that was a chance for her thou not really deserving of the prize.TAMA na yung chance na yan. Give to her the 300k now and leave her alone . We must support NEil, Bodi , beatriz and Gee -an , Saicy etc.. except wendy and bruce This time give back to us filipinos our chance to start afresh with no wendy around and support any TV shows GMA or ABS which is pro truth and pro true filipino values.

  18. 4 me!!!!
    brendy s the best among
    the best luv team…
    right and very controversyal!!!!
    in phil.
    i luv brendy 4-ever
    tngnan nyu s pex
    mrami clang pic.
    dun super kilig!!!!

  19. 4 me!!!!
    brendy s the best among
    the best luv team…
    right and very controversyal!!!!
    in phil.
    i luv brendy 4-ever
    tngnan nyu s pex
    mrami clang pic.
    dun super kilig!!!!

  20. korect k jan!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. sana makita ko kayo magkasama ni bruce sa picture nakakakilig kayong dalawa grabi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. hahaha tapos na itong pbb na ito. But it seems bruce and wendy’s actions are scripted already.

  23. well for i like wendy and bruce they are the best for me and for all who comments on their sides, don’t be so cruel to both of them not all of u here dislikes wend and bruce well to tell u frankly all bulakenas are for both of them

  24. I found your post on my (almost) daily obsession with blog searching. Thanks for the informative blog post as I can certainly appreciate all of the hard work that goes into maintaining a site like this! Thanks again.

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