Ceskypooh’s World Perfect World CBT account giveaway

PWCBT account promo

That’s right. Ceskypooh’s World, in cooperation with GAME! Magazine, the Philippines’ best online gaming magazine, and Level Up! Games, is giving away a total of 50 Perfect World closed-beta accounts this week.

To join, follow these simple steps:

1) Compose a comment about what race and job you’re going to create in the Perfect World and the reasons behind the decision. Don’t have an idea about the different races and jobs? Click this.

2) Post your comment in the box/field provided below this blog post. Make sure you fill out all of the fields, especially the one asking for your email because that’s where we’ll send your CBT username and password.

3) Visit the GAME! blog and use the feedback form to tell its staff how much you love the magazine.

The first 50 contestants who fulfill the requirements to our satisfaction (short/nonsensical/spam comments will not be considered) will get one Perfect World CBT account. Simple, right. So what are you waiting for?

Shameless Plug from me, Cesky: Please don’t stop visiting Ceskypooh’s World and the GAME! blog after joining—and hopefully winning—this contest. More contests are in the works. Oh, and it won’t hurt if you subscribe to my RSS by clicking this. 😛

41 Responses

  1. Given the chance, I will create a Fashi, master of conjuring arts, the same character i made in RO, because i think just like the wizards in RO, the fashis are one of the strongest especially in damage dealing and are easier to level up, i think.

  2. For me, I’ll choose Yaoshou..All my MMORPG characters are agi(range attackers) or magic based.. For that I want to choose other path which is front attacker that have high HP and high Def..I’m also curious about yaoshou because they metamorph into a white tiger >.

  3. I choose You Jing or Werefox because i love pets and they are also good at magic.

  4. If i get a PW CBT acct i will make a YuMang because i like archers in online games because every stat it add gives damage , crit , and attack speed so no need for other stats. And also they can fly at lvl 1. Cool.

  5. testing lng e2 ^^

  6. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nabuhay mga adik ………..^_^ peace out

  7. justin hinahanap k ni momy muzta kna dw yahoooo………..

  8. whaaaaaaaaa bkt aq wla p acct n bgo T_T

  9. I would like to make a powerful Wuxia (swordsman) cause they are strength based characters and they can ride swords. It looks cool and you can even customize their appearance.

  10. as for me i would choose a WUXIA because of its great close combat aspects… i also like it’s appearance very COOL MAN!!!!… i like close combats speacial sword style’s…. i enjoy utilizing it’s close combat skills.. making any combo that i want….. and by this i may acquire a perfect world with this character of mine!!!……

  11. I can’t wait to try out a claw/gauntlet type Wuxia – quick, accurate, and armed with uber cool martial arts moves. I’d like to create a character that will be a beacon of chivalry (albeit not as a sword-wielding knight) as I explore the Perfect World. Plus, based on my MMO experience, the evasive ability of claw/gauntlet wielders would pave the way for easy leveling. 😛

  12. When I get to play Perfect World PH, I’ll choose YuLing from Wing race. I believe that priests (YuLings) are very much needed end game. Plus, the wings look cool and using it to actually fly in the game makes it more appealing. Making a YuLing is easy but raising a good one is hard… for that, I’m up for the task.

  13. Ill play as Wuxia. They are balanced both on attacking and defending, I think this character will suite me well ^_^

  14. I will choose Wuxia. Ive seen his skills on videos. and after some researched you can choose different weapons for them. Cant wait to play hope they will give me a chance

  15. If i will be given a PW CBT acct i would like to try a Yao Jing i want to have a horse and a manta ray and the cute polar bear, and they can also transform into a cute fox.

  16. A Fashi is perfect in this Perfect World. Ruthless but kind- that’s a perfect combination! Everybody is amazed by magic and wants be one with the elements. If nature is with you, I guess that means nobody is against you.

  17. Fashi here.hot tempered but warm hearted, looks sweet ^_^. I always play as wizard or magic user. and her look is quite good too. Range for me is important, dealing a great amount of damage in distance.

    “The best defense is always the best offense”

  18. perfect world is a perfect combination game..nice graphics cool features and characters…I want to try a female Yuling, i want to help my friends who also play PW, and they look cool with wings.

  19. I would like to make a female Archer -Yu mang, they look sexy
    and yet powerful class, i also like to try flying ^^.

  20. When i given a chance to have account for CBT,ill try the summoner one.that’s all thank you

  21. Im planning of making Yaoshou. In every game I always want to be the villian looking character. And I like character that can tank alot of mob. And Yaoshou fits my personality.

  22. Given a chance to play, I’d choose YuMang from Wings race. I play archer in every MMO that I play and I won’t be different in this game. I believe that archers DO give the highest dps in game and they are the best mage killers. From what I’ve seen in this game, many wants to choose mage, and I want to give them a challenge.

  23. No matter how long I have to wait, I’ll play one of the YuMang. I’ve always seen myself as an archer type character and thats what I usually play in most other games. From what I’ve seen in the videos of this game, bow users attack much faster than I’ve seen before. Its much more realistic than having to wait an eternity to just reach over your shoulder and grab another arrow. And having the YuMang as a winged race is another bonus. I can’t wait to fly around and explore the landscape.

    Not only is this game beautiful, but the level of customization is awesome. I can finally make a character the way I’ve imagined her instead of having to use predefined similarities. I haven’t seen that level of detail before.

    I’ve only heard the main them of the game so far, but I’ve already fallen in love with it. it suits the game well.

  24. If i given a chance to play this game they said this game is so wonderful one of my friend play and i said wow that is a cool game i wish i can play too

  25. if i given a chance to play in PW CBT, Yumang from wing race because i’m a Archer fanatic and i love archery.. tnx i’ll be good in game tnx!

  26. if i given a chance to play this game,Human is may favorite race. thanks!!!

  27. if i were given a chance to play this kind of game i want to play yuling because i want to be a support type character .

  28. if given a chance to play this, i will choose the race of wuxia due to its capabilities to assasinate and master many kinds of techniques of fighting that will be useful in most battles..

    its master in fighting can serve him most powerful even or without weapons(as i read in GAME!), most of my games i choose WARRIOR due to its capability to attack and assasinate individually..

    Also as i seen most of the screenshot i see to it that there’s a lot of unique and awesome armors that will satisfied my Cyber imagination..

    Hope to play this game and experience it as i reign my race for GLORY!!! See you then in Battlefield..


  29. Yuling definatly, ive always liked healing, and with the attack skills provided in this class, you can also solo relatively well if you need to. I played another version for a short time, and found the wings really useful, i didnt have to run through areas and attacking aggro mobs and therefore wasting time. The variety of healing skills is also really nice, heal over time, instant heals etc.

    It would be interesting to try to form a hybrid build, half support, half attack, but if there are no way of resetting stat points then support all the way..

    Really look forward to playing ^_^

  30. If i got a beta account id probably choose the werefox, it looks interesting especially the curses and numerous pets you can call up for different situations

  31. When i given a chance to have account for CBT,ill try the fashi one and I wish i can play this game they say it is a wonderfull graphics and many quest thank you that’s all

  32. If given a chance to play, I’d definite choose FaShi of Humankind. I love magic users in online games because I believe that they can dish out the most pain for others. 🙂

  33. If given a chance to play, I’d choose Werefox because it represent my personal character. I hope I can play this game as the graphic are very well done and there are many quests to do in game so that you would not get board.

    That’s all, thall

  34. If given a chance to play, I’d choose a race that definitely can handle may favorite weapons such bow or guns which is Yumang, since rose ang RF days i love playing dodge characters.

    thats all folks

  35. i like fast deadly close-combat type…so If given a chance to play i`d choose Wuxia…i like beeing strong not just in attack..defense is important too…if you are attacked by surprise for example it`s good to know you still have a chance kicking his *** back >:)

  36. i would make a Yumang because i am used to long range combat as with most mmorpgs i am any one who can use long range also i am used to magic wielders so i may choose a yuling

  37. i’d rather choose “YU MANG”… long ranged battle doesnt mean u’r a coward… for me yu mang are the combination of ol races… coz dey used spells n can be physical too..

  38. i cant make a freaking account -_-…i can regester and everything but when i fill in the info and stuff it says that i have to check my id -_-…like WTF i checked it 1thousand time

    plz…some1 help

  39. Hey, I would like to be a mage Female, I love to use magic and Ranged attacks. The Elements are awsome Water especially. If i couldnt be a mage ide probably be a ARcher/Ranger. The magazine is pretty neat. i wonder if this website has expired well if not MAGE ME!

  40. who have an account on aq worlds

  41. Hmmm……I prefer long ranged character fa shi , yu mang ,yu ling .They can take down any enemy in few second .I prefer archer because i like dodger type and critical hit. Ready….Set…..LEVEL UP

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