PBB2: Thanks for the memories, Robert ol’ chap

Robert evicted

Robert’s eviction from the Pinoy Big Brother house didn’t really come as a surprise—heck, it was like he wanted it to happen. In the past few weeks, he seemed unkempt. His hair was in such a mess most of the time that I frequently got the impression that he wasn’t bathing. Probably he just missed Saicy … probably not. Add to this the support his co-nominee, Bruce, was getting—Robert’s days had been numbered from the day he got nominated.

Well, whatever his reasons are, it’s moot at this point. At least, with his eviction comes the chance to be reunited with Saicy—and of course explain his actions during that “Boys Night Out” episode of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2.

Here’s to you, Robert ol’ chap. May your tribe increase.


2 Responses

  1. it would’ve been better if bruce got out so that wendy will be alone. she’s so manipulative and plastic. robert deserves to win more than wendy or bruce. wendy and bruce are so selfish and PLASTIC.


  2. he kinda looks like john pratts. okay…i talke it back…john is waaay cuter! 🙂

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