Shameless Plug: Watch, not read, Hinge Inquirer Publication titles

HIP on YouTube

It’s really amazing what a select group of individuals can achieve. Take, for instance, Hinge Inquirer Publications, the company my dad works for. The people behind the magazines the company publishes push their skills to the limits and come out with quality niche and custom publications for readers from all walks of life.

In the past few months, they’ve upped the ante by coming out with quality content not only in the magazines but also on blogs to cater to an ever-growing population of HIP readers. What better is the fact that they use popular new media to serve their readers better. Want an example? Hie on over to HIP’s channel on YouTube and discover why the company is soaring to new heights. 🙂

A little lazy to check it out? Here’s a sampler, a video produced by HIP’s Mobile Philippines featuring the ravishing Ornusa Cadness.


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