Blogging: My five minutes in the spotlight

That’s how long it might take you to read my answers to this terrific meme started by Christy of Christy’s Coffee Break. Although Christy made it clear from the start that a blogger need not be tagged to participate in the meme she calls “In The Spotlight,” Miss Marjie, a wonderful person, deemed me worthy of answering these questions. My apologies to Miss Marjie for not answering the meme sooner. To those who want to participate, please read the rules first. 🙂

What makes Ceskypooh’s World different from other blogs?
As every person is unique, so too is our reaction—to situations, to questions, to changes. My blog, Ceskypooh’s World, is a reflection of my opinions, my desires, my experiences … my very being. When my dad started this blog last year, his goal was to capture each event that he thought would impact on my life, be it the places we’ve been to, the television shows we watch, the people we meet. Although the concept hasn’t changed much after I took over, I made it a point to react based on what I feel and not what my dad thinks I am feeling.

When did I start blogging?
Officially, I started blogging in March this year after a year-long apprenticeship with my dad (although he was also learning the ropes, so to speak). I find blogging addictive, as it gives me the freedom to express—within limitations, of course. I try not to be too judgmental. I do my best not to offend. But I still speak my mind if I know I’m in the right. Besides, I always consult my parents on the best course of action in every situation.

Is this the first time I’ve been tagged?
Yes and no. It’s the second meme for Ceskypooh’s World. The first meme, however, was answered by my dad, since the questions were directed at him. So, yes, this is the first time I’m participating in a meme.

Have you set goals for your blog?
I don’t have any concrete goals for my blog. Despite its reaching a level that I can actually monetize it, I haven’t really acted on it. I just enjoy writing, knowing that someone out there reads what I write. I guess it’s the same feeling my dad feels whenever he writes stories for newspapers and magazines.

What’s your opinion on “blog popularity” issues?
What blog popularity issues? Haha. Seriously now. At first, I kept striving to keep the visits to Ceskypooh’s World up. I advertised. I asked for link exchanges. I posted comments on other blogs. And these actions helped, to a point. It brought my blog’s Google pagerank up to “5,” and helped ensure a steady stream of visitors per day. Nowadays, however, I don’t really mind anymore.

Do I have any fond childhood memories?
Since I am still a child, I don’t think this applies to me. If I have to choose a fond childhood memory, however, I’ll go for my birthdays. My mom and dad always make my birthday special. Even when we are down in our luck, they find ways to celebrate my birthday in a special way. These past two years, we’ve celebrated my natal days with a meager budget, but we held them on a beach, where food was overflowing and the weather was cool. Everybody enjoyed and that’s what truly matters.

If I get stranded on a remote island, what three things do I want to have with me?
I’d rather have my loved ones with me than any gadget—or even food. We, as a family, can live on the barest essentials, but I could never live on my own, at least at the moment. If I had to choose things, however, I’d bring a good book, something I can read over and over again, a pen-and-paper combo so I can write down my thoughts, and an album full of pictures of my parents and all the happy times we’ve experienced.

Am I a spiritual person?
My parents are raising me to be Catholic. But with all the influence I am getting, I still don’t know how I’ll turn out. My parents are Catholic, but they express doubts about some of the religion’s practices (not that they are questioning God or all the good things that the religion has brought to humanity). My paternal grandmother and my aunts, my dad’s siblings, are Born Again Christians. Their relatives, at least those whom I’ve met, are Jehovah’s Witnesses. Gosh! So many religions in one family.

Does morality play a part in my blogging?
The day you put morality ahead of how you feel is the day you become untrue to yourself. Does that make any sense? It’s true that each of us have his or her own moral compass that tells us which is right and which is wrong. But in the greater scope of things, should we always see the situations and actions as right and wrong? Or should we just call it as it is, as they say, and reserve judgment for the ultimate judge?

What’s the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me?
I can’t think of anything. It probably hasn’t happened yet. Don’t worry. I’ll post it once I experience it.

What’s my best quality?
Right now, my being a child. We children see things in a different light that usually stupefies adults.

What’s my worst quality?
I tend to fuss over the small stuff and become frustrated most of the time. I remember the time my dad was teaching me how to fit different-shaped blocks in holes designed to accommodate them. I kept twisting and turning the blocks, but they just won’t go in—and that really made me so frustrated that I gave up on it.

Well, that’s the end of our meme session. Now I have to choose at least five bloggers to join the meme—and hope they comply 😉 hehe. I choose Eydeyey, Angel Jayme, Tita Dine Racoma, Tita Sally Lo, and Auntie Shobe. Hope you enjoy the meme as much as I delighted myself in answering the questions.

Keep on blogging!


6 Responses

  1. smart answers, straight from the mouth of a babe. and don’t fuss, don’t be frustrated, take things one at a time, so that you will enjoy your innocence, your youth.

    and thanks for the tag, will be writing my candid answers soon.

  2. great answers cesky…and no…i wasn’t worried about the amount of time it took you to answer them. as i’ve read from your post, this meme is worth a wait to read. btw…i love your views on morality. “The day you put morality ahead of how you feel is the day you become untrue to yourself” is probably my most favorite quote in the entry. it speaks true and unfiltered. brilliant!

  3. @Tita Dine
    Thanks! I’m looking forward to reading your answers to the questions, Tita. 🙂

    @Miss Marjie
    You really think it’s brilliant? Awwww. Wish I can take full credit for it. Some of the kudos should go to my dad. Personally, I think he’s a genius. 😛

  4. thanks for tagging me. i haven’t been posting for quite a long time and this will be one of my “resurrection posts.” happy blogging! 🙂

  5. Thanks for update. Been lurking on this blog a bit, thought I should finally give a thanks, haha. I actually have a site of my own, too. Got a few hacks up on there, tell me what you think: got some World of warcraft bots and hacks, diablo 2 bots and hacks, counter-strike hacks & bots, Runescape bots and hacks, Maplestory hacks & bots, Silkroad bots and hacks. So yeah, check it out man. Cheers, -Gary

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