PBB2: Farewell, Saicy the dancing queen


I never really liked Saicy, the erstwhile dancing queen of ABS-CBN’s popular Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 reality show, despite her being likable because of her cool, calm demeanor and overall pleasing personality. Perhaps that’s the trait that failed to endear her to me … her being pleasing … sometimes too pleasing.

Time and again she has been labeled as Wendy‘s stooge. The more dominant Pinoy Big Brother 2 housemate simply presented herself as the ate and Saicy was more than willing to play the happy peon. She has also failed to fend off a male housemate’s amorous advances. I guess you all know who I’m talking about so there’s no point in mentioning his name, no matter how good he looked—correction, “he once looked.”

Saicy2Despite her failings, however, I’m gonna miss watching Saicy, who Dada Joel once labeled as “the sexiest among the current crop of Big Brother housemates.” And my uncle Dustin heartily agrees. Heck, I agree, too.

What disturbs me most are two, hmmm, thoughts. First is the fact that the women are fast becoming scarce inside the Pinoy Big Brother house. Second is the growing suspicion that Wendy, indeed, has strong backers within ABS-CBN, although no proof has yet been uncovered. What would have happened if Wendy was the one paired up with Beatriz Saw in this week’s eviction? Would her much-vaunted 54-percent vote during the Balik-Bahay gimmick stand up?

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  1. fearless forecast: gee-ann will win.

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