MMORPG: Perfect World keeps whole family busy

What date is it? Gosh. A lot of time has passed since my last post, and double that length since my last post on Pinoy Big Brother Season 2. I will, however, reserve anything—and everything—I want to say about the popular television show that has caused hundreds of people to go through a whole range of emotions these past 100 or so days. Enough of this, at least for the moment.

Pinoy Big Brother isn’t the reason why I have seemingly forgotten not only Ceskypooh’s World but even my sense of time and purpose. No. Powerful as it may be, it isn’t as powerful as what has us, my entire family, from Dada Joel to Mama Joyce to my Uncle Jake and to me, in thrall. It’s a massively multiplayer online role-playing game called Perfect World, created by my brethren in China and published locally by Level Up! Games.

I’d like to write all about it, but I don’t really have much time now. Maybe over the weekend … maybe not. But I’ll leave a screenshot of the game (and my avatar, JadeFox, and her pet Big Bad Wolf) so you’d have an idea what I’m talking about … and maybe something you can use in the near future to jog me and my parents out of this obsession. 😛

JadeFox Perfect World

X!S! I promise … I’ll be back soon to write about all my favorite stuff. Until then, cheers and happy hunting!

2 Responses

  1. Great! Ano na level????

    Check my site for a “level map guide” and more.


    GM T

  2. oh btw… can you change my address on your blogroll to

    I don’t blog in blogger anymore. Thankees


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