Shameless Plug: Get HIP online

Hinge Inquirer Publications

Get a dose of lifestyle and entertainment from the blogs of Hinge Inquirer Publications, the magazine publishing arm of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. They may not look impressive now, what with the limited content, but with Dada Joel at the helm, I’m sure they’ll reflect the excellence that HIP stands for.

The HIP family is composed of GAME! Magazine (my favorite), Mobile Philippines (the country’s premiere techie magazine), Golf Digest, PC Magazine (which has sadly been discontinued for the time being), F&B World and Baking Press, Burn (the fastest growing music magazine in the country today), SME Insight (which offers a closer look at small and medium-scale enterprises), and Spark (a magazine for us kids).

Well, don’t just support the blogs of these fine magazines but also the magazines themselves. I believe in Hinge Inquirer Publication’s motto (or whatever you call those things … taglines, perhaps?): “Passion in every page.”


2 Responses

  1. So I guess the problogging stints for HIP are over, right? I have just waited far too long to apply… Sheesh.

    Anyhow, Cesky, I tagged you pala. 🙂

  2. hi i am doing my thesis on magazine publishing in the philippines. are u connected to hinge inquirer? who can i interview? this will help me in my thesis, and in turn, i can tell something abt hinge that will hopefully boost the magazine readership among students. thanks.

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