PBB2: Kian, Wendy in; Zeke, Jasmin out

It’s so weird reading all the nasty comments some fans of the popular reality show Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 on Wendy’s inevitable return to the house. On the one hand, you see dozens of comments on the show’s online forum cursing Wendy and the ABS-CBN management’s decision to bring her back to the show through a marketing gimmick called “Balik-Bahay.” On the other hand, we, the viewers, have been made to witness the biggest upset yet in the show.

Balik-Bahay victors

Wendy, it turns out, isn’t as unpopular as the forum posters would have us believe. Among the four Balik-Bahay housemates, she got the highest number of votes at 54.04 percent. I guess fans really want to see what will happen next in the ongoing saga of the Bruce-Wendy romance.

Zeke and Jasmin, meanwhile, received the lowest number of votes. Zeke, however, was allowed to move into the house, but only for a night, enough for him, as Big Brother put it, to resolve any differences he may have with his former housemates.

As of this writing, the three remaining Balik-Bahay housemates, including topnotcher Wendy, are still languishing in the secret room Big Brother originally prepared for the secret housemates—Bodie, Maricris, Jeremy and Mikah.

What will happen next? I honestly don’t know—and that’s the beauty of it. Like thousands of other Pinoy Big Brother fans, I am hooked, again, to watch the show. Read the official story on the Balik-Bahay eviction night here.


3 Responses

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  2. […] with Beatriz Saw in this week’s eviction? Would her much-vaunted 54-percent vote during the Balik-Bahay gimmick stand […]

  3. i never liked nel. he has a way of being brash and insensitive towards the other hm’s.One instance is his nominating his best friend just because of bruce’s closeness to wendy. Bruce did not complain when nel was very close to maricris. This si the second time nel nominated bruce because of this… the live nomination showed his true side to his hm’s…. next time i hope nel gets booted out

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