PBB2: Housemates show what clowns they are

No, it’s not a derogatory remark. It’s aim is to tip you off on what this post is about. The housemates of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2, at least those who are still inside by virtue of viewer mandate (meaning they haven’t been voted out yet), were given a new task.

While the sun was still high in the sky, the housemates were called to the activity area, where they found a compact car sitting in the middle. Their task: Fit all all nine of them into that small Daimler Chrysler car. No easy feat, considering some of them, especially the men, were a bit on the bulky and heavy side.

Clowns in a Car Housemates in a car

Hey, if clowns can do it, I’m sure our Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 housemates can.
Eventually, they found a way to fit themselves in the cramped space with Nel, Gee-Ann, and Bea in the backseat with Saicy stretched out, or rather in the fetal position, across their laps. Mickey, on the other hand, sat on the passenger seat with Robert on top of him. The giant, Bruce, got the driver’s seat while Bodie sat on his lap facing inward. Oh, Mommy Yen … she sat in the middle.

What’s even more amazing is that they managed to stay inside the car for more than an hour before Big Brother decided to let one of them out. Bodie was elected. So Elmo Cruz watched from the sidelines as exhaustion—and I guess dehydration from the heat—slowly took its toll on the housemates.

For more details on this task, watch tonight’s episode of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 when two of the Balik-Bahay housemates will be forced to move out again. Who will be saved? Will it be Zeke, Kian, Wendy or Jasmin?

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