PBB2: What did I miss? A lot, it seems

It’s a good thing I have this blog and a lot of other web resources at my disposal considering I have missed a lot of episodes of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2. And just when things are getting exciting. Haha. Good thing Dada Joel has kept me abreast of some events, like the return of Zeke, Kian, Wendy and Jasmin.

Picking up from where Dada left off, here’s a rundown of some events both inside and outside the Big Brother house that concerns our beloved housemates.

Highlight #1

Till We Meet Again activity

The four Balik-Bahay housemates were reunited, somewhat, with their former roomies—and crushes—during a painting activity. The housemates were blindfolded for the entire duration of the activity and had never suspected that Zeke, Wendy, Kian, and Jasmin were acting as a “paint crew.”

To avoid being identified, the four Balik-Bahay housemates’ mouths were taped shut and the blindfolded housemates were told not to touch members of the paint crew.

I wonder how Wendy and Kian felt when they saw Bruce and Gee-Ann. Must have been awful being restricted from talking and touching.

More after the jump.

Highlight #2

Dionne and Mommy Gie interview

Former housemate Dionne Monsanto and Mommy Gie faced the press and narrated their experiences inside the Big Brother house.

“Artificial environment kasi, it’s normal to do or feel new actions and feelings,” Dionne said in reaction to questions regarding the controversies she was involved in during her stint inside the house.

“It was normal for me because I understand that she’s strong after what she’s gone through. I consider her a true friend,” the 21-year-old Cebuana beauty said of Gee-Ann, with whom she had a spat during her last week in the house.

Mommy Gie, on the other hand, related to reporters how she developed strong friendships with the other housemates during her one-week stay inside the house.

She took particular notice of Mickey and Bea, whom she described as “of like minds.” I admire the way that they say what they want to say or what they feel.”

Highlight #3

Housemates of the Ring activity

In an activity dubbed “Housemates of the Rings,” the remaining male housemates were asked to retrieve shells from the bottom of the pool. These shells, however, were not important, only what five of them contained—rings.

After successfully retrieving the rings, each male housemates were asked to offer the ring they found to a female housemate.

Out of all the “love” offerings, Bodie, Bruce and Mickey’s were the most, uhmm, let’s say, controversial. Bodie chose Gee-Ann as his ring’s recipient. “Because you trust me,” was all Bodie could say to justify his choice.

After witnessing this, Mickey may have changed his mind. He gave his ring to Mommy Yen, whom Mickey admired for accepting all the housemates as they are.

As expected, lovestruck Bruce dedicated his ring to Wendy. If he only knew Wendy was inside the house, he probably wouldn’t have thrown the bauble into the swimming pool. Fortunately, after the activity, when the housemates were once again asked to stay inside the boys’ bedroom, Wendy retrieved the ring.


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