PBB2: Things heating up again

Yes, things are heating up again at the Pinoy Big Brother house but not the way the Maricris-Beatriz standoff went. I’m talking about Kuya’s (Big Brother’s) latest gimmick dubbed “Balik-Bahay.”

Balik-BahayIf you haven’t been watching the boobtube lately or haven’t been tuning in to Pinoy Big Brother Season 2, four former housemates or evictees have returned to the house. At the end of the week, however, viewers must decide to retain only two of the returnees. Will it be Zeke, Kian, Wendy or Jasmin?

Regardless of all the nasty things some fans of the show say about the gimmick—that it is unfair not only to the remaining housemates but also supporters of the show who have doled out quite an amount voting for their favorite housemates and pulling out the rug from underneath those they don’t want inside the house—it is clearly doing wonders for the excitement level both inside and outside the Big Brother house.

I haven’t had this much fun watching the show since the time Zeke and Dionne took care of the secret housemates—Bodie, Maricris, Mikah and Jeremy. The excitement level, however, isn’t as high as those early episodes since there’s no threat of automatic nomination or eviction if any of the returnees get caught. I even think Kuya wants the returnees to get tagged.

I think things would have been better if Big Brother assigned a former secret housemate—Bodie, since he’s the only one left of the four—to take care of the four returnees. Now that would be fun.

One Response

  1. Bakit ipinagpipilitan ibalik si wendy sa bahay ni kuya? ilang beses na siyang inayawan simula pa noong pda. tingin ng marami na hindi siya talaga meant para mapanood sa tv since nakasali din siya sa dream girls na hindi rin nag-click…unfair talaga ang ganyang setup dahil pinagpaguran ng mga remaining housemates ang stay nila sa pbb house tapos walang ka-effort effort ibabalik ang ibang evictee. hindi rin naman okay ang team up nila ni bruce since parahong narehistro sa manonood na commited sila sa kani-kaniyang girl/boyfriends… sa ngayon kikita ang drama nila pero paglabas nila ng pbb house wala ring tatangkilik masyado.

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