PBB2: Evictee, former housemates no more

Four former housemates of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 have just reentered the house in an event dubbed “Balik-Bahay.” Program host Toni Gonzaga says the stay of two of the four housemates is only temporary as viewers will have to vote to retain the other two. Another catch is they’re all confined to the secret room, where the four secret housemates had been secreted during the early part of the series.

Well, it’s good to see Ezekiel, Kian, Wendy and Jasmin back in the show.  I just hope that whoever gets retained will give us a better performance—not that everything is scripted but because things are getting dull inside the Big Brother House. 😛

Addendum: LOL (Laughing Out Loud)! Big Brother flashed a message on the big plasma screen in the house’s living room asking Wendy to go to the confession room. Of course, the message had its desired effect. It sent several housemates into a speculation binge.

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