Politics: Rain + Long Weekend + Dumb Candidates = Heavy Traffic, Angry Motorists and Commuters

What do you get when you combine a long weekend, a payday Friday, a massive power outage, rain, flooded streets, elections and dumb, overeager politicians running for public office? Why, chaos, of course. The traffic both in the metropolis and the expressways alone is enough to ruin the mood of even the jolliest person.

Point 1: I was on my way home from a busy day at the Senate when I’m greeted by a stage right smack in the middle of Pasong Tamo (now Chino Roces Avenue) in front of Shopwise Supermarket. Needless to say, the stage caused traffic gridlocks along the length not only of Pasong Tamo but adjoining thoroughfares as well. To top it off, the afternoon rain flooded the streets in the area, making it impassable to some vehicles. Turned out that Lito Lapid was having his “Miting de Abanse.”

Point 2: I was supposed to join MommyLo and Aiyi Pepper on their voyage back to Balanga in Bataan. But the same stage or platform in the middle of Pasong Tamo caused another traffic gridlock that kept me from reaching the designated rendezvous point on time. I caught up with them, though, at San Fernando in Pampanga because traffic just stopped, as in no movement. And we got stuck in Santa Cruz, Lubao, Pampanga for three friggin’ hours! You’d think that provinces have virtually low traffic, but nooooooooo. As expected, another politician was trying to pull in more votes by showing that he (or she) cares by creating havoc in the streets.

Point 3: Mom, Aiyi Pepper, and Auntie Shobe are on their way to Baguio via Dau in Angeles, Pampanga. Through text messages, they inform me that progress is slow. They didn’t get stuck in Lubao and San Fernando traffic like what happened the previous night. But they did get stuck in Angeles, where Pampanga gubernatorial candidate Mark Lapid’s boys were having a field day creating chaos. I wonder … is that what the people want? A governor who creates problems?


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