PBB2: ‘Unofficial’ Fifth Eviction Poll … and then some

DionneA week after the eviction poll for the Fifth Eviction Night of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 was launched in the forum, we see our two Visayan housemates in an almost even footing. Out of 524 votes, Cebuana housemate Dionne Monsanto stakes her right to 55.9 percent, while Mr. Perfect Ronel Rapiz, of Iloilo City, claims 44.1 percent. This, of course, may all change during the course of the day. As with past “unofficial” polls conducted through the forum, the votes tend to show a wrong forecast.

NelIf the poll is to be believed, however, I guess the Cebuano vote is working to Dionne’s advantage. Some say her current behavior in the house, i.e. being quiet, shying away from the limelight, is contributing a lot to the renewed support for her after past debacles that have left a sour taste in many a Filipino’s mouths. Nel, meanwhile, seems to have trouble shrugging off the popular view that he’s insensitive and a backstabber.

In the match-up of the two mommy housemates, on the other hand, we see uber-kewl Yen taking pole-position with 81.2 percent of the total 117 votes, while Gie has to make do with a pathetic pitiful 18.8 percent.

Maybe that statement that she’s gunning to have her hair made-up in a purple mohawk is doing the trick. Mommy Gie, although prettier than Mommy Yen, is a little dull, both in wit and in gab.

So who will you save this week? Dionne or Nel? Yen or Gie?


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