PBB2: Farewell, Dionne the Misunderstood

Dionne by Benjie Ordonez care of Sparkle Modeling AgencyPinoy Big Brother Season 2 housemate Dionne is finally gone from the house after almost three months of controversy. The sad thing about her eviction is not the act of leaving the Big Brother house but rather the fact that some housemates does not seem to care. If you have 24/7 installed, you would have noticed that not all housemates hugged Dionne, unlike previous evictees who got so many hugs and kisses that they’d put a Hollywood drama to shame.

Below is a list—with links to previous posts—of earlier entries on Ceskypooh’s World that refer to Dionne and her adventures inside the Pinoy Big Brother House.

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PBB2: Zeke-Dionne fiasco
Bizarre Love Triangle
Pinoy Big Brother Season 2

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