PBB2: Will Cebu vote save Dionne from eviction?

This is the question posed by some Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 viewers as the eviction week enters its third day. The query is relevant in the sense that her co-nominee, Nel, seems a strong contender.

Dionne MonsantoIn the mock polls being held on the Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 forum, we see Dionne trouncing Nel with a 54.4 percent to 45.6 percent ratio out of a total 351 votes. The Cebu vote and those of the Cebuano-speaking isles seem to favor the redemption of Dionne. Some comments on the PBB2 forum support this suspicion.

Take, for example, the comment of prettysides:

“I voted for Nel kase (because) he provides comic relief sa loob ng bahay (inside the house). But to be really honest, I think Dionne has a good chance of winning over Nel. Basing on previous nominations and eviction nights, malakas na ang fan base ni Dionne (Dionne’s fan base is strong). And ang lakas talaga ng voting power ng mga taga Cebu (Cebu’s voting power is strong). Super talaga sila magsuporta sa kanilang nga kababayan kagaya ni (Cebuanos go all out in supporting those from their province like Keanna, Kim, etc).”

How about you? Who will you save?

Many thanks to Bob Lim and Sparkle Modeling Agency.

3 Responses

  1. dionne of course! =)

  2. I chose Dione obcourse, coz she really deservs to stay in the house. Dione is napaka tutoong tao among all of them, hindi maarte.

    by krizy

  3. Cebu loves Dionne !

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