PBB2: Maricris, Wendy bare all

Well, not exactly everything but something. Usually, right after eviction, the Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 staff—one of whom is a writer, I assume—interviews the housemate who got kicked out. In this particular interview, however, both Maricris (who was forcibly evicted) and Wendy got blitzed with questions about their experiences inside the house and, of course, their feelings for some of their former housemates.

I’m a little lazy today, especially after a hard day at work and checking from time to time on Cesky’s condition through cellular phone. Yes, it’s still Dada Joel at the helm. I hope I’m doing a good job in Cesky’s absence. Anyway, on to the article.

“As a PBB housemate, eviction is the most difficult thing to accept; because not only are you leaving behind a chance to win the grand prize, but also a chance to stay with the people you’ve learned to love during your stay. And although they both have bright futures ahead of them, Wendy and Maricris can’t help but turn their heads and look back at their emotional experiences inside the House.

MaricrisHanggang words lang ako, never ko po gagawin yon (I’m all bluster. I will never do that),” Maricris shares with the press about her fateful threat. This Italyanang Cabalen’s outburst towards fellow housemate Bea created a rift between among PBB fans, and a controversy that led to a forced eviction. “Naging careful sana ako bago ko sabihin yon I should’ve been careful before uttering those words).” She quickly shares, however, that the in-house psychiatrist sensed nothing wrong with her, and she explains: “Na-tense lang ako; kumalma na ako paglabas.”

Her issue with Nel? “Mahal ko po siya (I love him) as a close friend. Napakasarap niyang kasama, naaaliw pa siya sa akin (It feels good to be with him)!” She confides that her true crush inside the PBB house is Robert, and has nothing but kind words for Bodie. “Nabe-bless ako sa taong yon (I feel blessed with that person). Minsan pag malungkot ako, siya nagpe-pray over sa akin (Sometimes when I’m sad, he’s the one who prays over me). She also claims she’s willing to tackle a career in showbiz.

Wendy, on the other hand, already has experience in front of the camera, being a staple in numerous commercials and print ads. But not only is she a model, but more importantly, the breadwinner of her family as well. “Gusto ko makitang kumakain ang pamilya ko. Maka-graduate lang ang dalawang kapatid ko, di ko na iniisip pinagdadaanan ko; babalik naman sa akin.”

WendyHer relationship with Bruce is also a bittersweet experience which she hopes would continue. “I’ve never seen anyone cry like that for me… on national television pa!” She says there’s a reason for everything; “Hindi ko alam kung san papunta, but I hope for the best.” But Bruce is not the only one she remembers; she banks on either Saicy, Bruce or Nel to take the top prize. Wendy can’t say the same for Dionne, which saw as a friend before Dionne called her insensitive during their open forum.

So for Maricris and Wendy, life outside the PBB house is definitely different, for the experience is definitely well worth it. Eviction may be difficult to accept; but for what the PBB experience has done to these two housemates, maybe they left richer than before.”

4 Responses

  1. BIG BRO.,
    I was wondering why a lot of people commented negatively on the come back of wendy inside the house. Cant you see f she’s deserving to be, why people seem so erotic? (including me). Bakit nyo pingpipilitan na pabalikin siya? Wala na ba kayong makitang iba? Youre so unfair to the other Ex/In housemates.(If this is not scripted, hah!) Unfair also to the viewers, of course. Parang nagkalokohan na eh, I agree doon sa isang nagsabi na 54% votes in favor of wendy is so unbelievable, f infact marami siyang natatanggap na mga negative comments. I found out that nagkalokohan na tayo dito.. when BIANCA GONZALES said on her text (I am her subscriber) na super rest siya last saturday coz there was no live show on that night? At ano yong ginawa ni Toni, but nagbibilang cya ng seconds?… Paki expalin nga. But ninyo fave si Wendy, magkano ba yong ibinayad niya? You know big bro, you have my respect before, i dont know now. Are you making all of this for your own contentment? how about viewers satisfaction? Kumusta naman kaya iyon.?
    In the past, I was just a viewer, kahit mali na iyong nakikita ko, parang i tolerated it nalang. Coz I love the Shows of ABS, I love the network. Kumbaga, I am a CERTIFIED Kapamilya. To the point na nakigpag-away talaga ako. But for now, parang iba eh, Nakakairita, parang d ko talaga mapigilan mag comment, sabi ko nga pagtatawanan lang ito ng mga staff kasi, may nag over react, Sana naman HINDI.
    Kahit gaano kami kaliit para sa inyo, hope pakinggan nyo naman kami.
    Can you bring back the real competition? At hindi puro wendy and bruce na lang.
    Wala naman kasing ginawa c wendy eh, kundi umiyak dahil atat nang makipaglandian kay bruce. Nakita na kasi namin yan kay bianca n zanjoe. Yong iba naman.
    Kung kayo naaaliw sa kanila, kami HINDI!
    Sobrang obvious na talaga kuya ha?

  2. yah,,right!!but after ma evict ni wendy,,naging boring na kaya sa bahay!!!hello??sinong mga natira,,mga plastic lhat!!kung c nel nga gusto na rin nila maevict??sino pa kayang deserving mag stay sa bahay!!!,,kaya pede ba,,yang mga negative comments niyo,,sa inyo na lang,,hindi lang kayo ang viewers noh!!!

  3. tama lang na pinabalik ni kuya si wendy at kian; kasi naging masigla na muli ang bahay; fare naman ang botohan di ba; at yun ang desisyon ng bumubuo ng pbb; manood na lang kayo huwag ng mag comment pa ng di maganda kay wendy hintay na lang sino maging big winner at yun ang bida; di ba

  4. Sana c wendy ay mapalbas na ulit ng bahy kasi she don’t desrve to stay.. it seems that she is very PLASTIK…we in mindanao hated her much..masya na sana noong lumabas siya pro nang bumalik sya…we don’t love the show anymore. for wendy, alam mo bang mas maganda pa ang ex ni bruce kaysa sa iyo at take note matalino pa..sana wag mong dalhin ang pagka-entertainer mo japan sa loob ng bahay..k….

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