PBB2: I’m turning out to be quite a Wendy fan

Not that I like her as the next Wendy fan who has just recently burst out of the closet. Now that she’s out of the house, I can judge her all I want. But since I’ve just confessed to liking her a bit, I guess I won’t. 😛 So confusing.

Anyway, I’ve compiled a few clips on Wendy from the ever-reliable YouTube. Of course, as in all things Wendy nowadays, the videos focus on the blooming Bruce-Wendy relationship and the girl’s thoughts on their future together. It’s unfortunate, however, that no one got a copy of the Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 Uplate episode that had Wendy’s boyfriend as guest.

Since this video’s embedding has been disabled, just click this to view it on YouTube. It shows Wendy guesting on The Buzz with Ruffa Gutierrez throwing questions about Wendy’s last day in the house. Perhaps the most interesting point in the show was when Ruffa asked Wendy what Bruce had been whispering to her before she exited the Pinoy Big Brother House.

“I love you paulit-ulit (He kept on repeating I love you),” was Wendy’s tentative reply.

More clips after the jump.

Here’s Wendy on the Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 Uplate with Mariel Rodriguez as host. As expected, Wendy spilled the beans on how much she missed Bruce, about her ending the relationship with the boyfriend that appeared on Uplate, and on wanting to convince Big Brother to allow her time to talk with Bruce, or at the very least send the former basketball star a message.

Will Big Brother approve her request? For the sake of Bruce-Wendy fans, I hope he does.

3 Responses

  1. ang arte sobra ni wendy.. nakakadiri sya panoorin sa pbb 2.. pakipot na maarte pa… feeling maganda sya porket naging candidate sya ng bb pilipinas.. how come naging candidate sya sa dame nang itim itim nya sa legs yuck!!! tanggalin na sya para exciting naman panonood namin!!

  2. You Hypocrite!!!!!!!!!trying hard! bagay kayo ni Bruce, pareho kayong mukhang mabaho


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