Family: Cesky rushed to the hospital

This is Cesky’s dad, Joel, and I’m temporarily taking over the blog while she’s in the hospital recuperating from a respiratory ailment. At first, I wasn’t really alarmed. It’s not the first time Cesky had a bad cough.

Last January, she was hospitalized and confined to a bed for two weeks and monitored for another two weeks for pneumonia and primary pulmonary respiratory tuberculosis, or primary complex. It was a terrible experience not only for Cesky but for us, her parents. Seeing her so weak, striving to catch her breath, and hearing her wails of terror as a nurse sought out a vein to stick a needle in—terrible to behold.

In March last year, she was hospitalized in Cebu while I was away on a trip to Manila. Now that was really frightening. Right now, I’m feeling the same way, as I am stuck in our country’s capital while Cesky is fighting to stave off the respiratory problem in Leyte. I wish I could rush over.

All I ask for now are prayers—for Cesky and her quick recovery.

2 Responses

  1. Joel! is she ok now?? naku! mahirap pa naman pag inuubo ang bata!! tsk tsk tsk…

  2. Well, she’s okay na naman. I’m just so worried. As you may have noticed, I’m about a thousand kilometers away from them. So you can just imagine my worry. Thanks for the concern, bro.

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