PBB2: Dionne Versus Nel

No, they’re not fighting—although the way the housemates of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 dispensed with their votes might tell a different story. Out of the 11 “remaining” housemates, six cast two votes each on Dionne. Nel, on the other hand, got the brunt of the single votes and ended up with six votes.

Dionne and Nel Nominated

So who are we going to save? From an initial assessment of the upcoming “fight,” it would seem that Nel has the upper hand. He is likable, perhaps due to his easygoing nature, a clown if you will. But the housemates are slowly seeing through Nel’s poker face and are now calling him as insensitive and callous. Dionne, on the other hand, is seen as insincere and secretive.

Insensitivity versus insincerity? Darn, I can’t make up my mind. Can you help me decide on who I should give my one text vote to?


One Response

  1. i would say nel is getting to my nerves, he is getting too irritating. callous is the word, and he thinks he is funny.he should start putting some finesse in his actions, as he is on national tv.while he is being true to himself, he should understand that there are rules of courtesy that should be followed when in a group.
    diionne? she should have been evicted instead of wendy. she is too coy and sly… trying to be quiet and aloof. she does not fit…. if cebuanos vote for ehr just because of regional loyalty, i would ask.. does dionne represent the cebuanos as characteristicaly flirty and attenction getters?

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