Books: What I am reading now

Mr Beetle's Many RoomsI’m flipping the pages of Mister Beetles Many Rooms by Robert Magnuson, a friend of Dada. Actually, I’ve been reading this particular book since I was, well, six months old. The story just clung to me—thanks mostly to Dada Joel’s great narration and sound effects. Can you say “Egad!”?

Mister Beetle’s Many Rooms starts out with the main character, Mr. Beetle (who else?), walking through a field in search of a new home. Well, he found one and quickly made himself at home. Sheesh, I’m starting to sound like the book itself.

Here’s the synopsis: “Mr. Beetle posted a sign in front of his house that read—This House of Five Rooms belongs to Mr. Beetle. No Trespassing Please. But soon, other creatures came to live in his house and his house seemed to be growing new rooms!”

The book is written in two languages—English and Filipino—and is published by the Adarna House, where Dada Joel spent countless summers learning art. 😛

For more information about Tito Robert and Adarna House, click this.


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