PBB2: ‘Unofficial’ Fourth Eviction Poll

Tonight’s Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 eviction seems to be the hottest, ergo most controversial, since viewers of the popular ABS-CBN reality series will get to decide the fate of Wendy, one of the most talked about housemates (whether in a good or bad way, I leave for you to decide).

If you are a follower of the television show, then the fact that Wendy is on the hot seat is no surprise to you. The two other nominees are Dionne, who some housemates view as a, well, harlot, and Saicy, the recipient of Mickey’s Judas Kiss (a consequence of answering the Big Red Phone).

So who will be evicted tonight? From the unofficial poll on the Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 forum, it seems Wendy is in pretty bad shape. Out of a total 600 votes, she only got 8.2 percent, way below Dionne’s 57 percent and Saicy’s 34.8 percent.

Fourth Eviction Poll

 Who do you think will get axed? Do you think the PBB2 forum poll is accurate?

3 Responses

  1. the real decision in tonights eviction night is actually the management.wendy’s in and i hate her

  2. if u hate her; don’t watch tv forever

  3. Actually, wendy is a bitch. She is fooling everyone. She manipulated not only the housemates but also the viewers.

    And oh, her acting was very bad.

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