PBB2: Just a thought … want a penny for it?

Bored and at wit’s end, I dropped by the Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 website and browsed through its contents. Since I failed to blog about the eviction of Maricris, I moved my mouse cursor to hover over her photograph. Immediately—and as expected—information about the housemate popped up, including an item labeled “Status.”

It’s not the fact that Maricris has been kicked out of the house that bothered me, but another, well, error in the use of good English. Not that I’m professing to be an expert on the subject, but at least I can spell better than some—and sometimes construct better paragraphs.

Maricris’ status on the website says, “Forced Eviction,” which is wrong since those already out of the house have “evicted” plastered on their pictures. Isn’t the phrase “Forcibly Evicted” better? How would you label Maricris’ status?

One Response

  1. hey! i am very very impressed!!! not with PBB, mind you!

    but with the NEW LOOK! very neat, refreshing…and i guess easy to navigate! congratulations…finally finally you made it!

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