Egad! Where have my hits and viewers gone?

As a blogger, I find the experience of having the visitor counter drop back to zero and seeing a “Claim your blog” button in place of the usual “New post” very, uhmmm, disturbing. suggests rearranging the widgets before calling for support but I’m not budging an inch. I might inadvertently click on something that may make everything else I’ve worked hard for vanish.

Don’t get me wrong, I love WordPress. I know its having technical hiccups and I’m sure everything will turn out well. I just can’t shake the nagging feeling that my blog is hurting and I am powerless to help it.

Update: Whew! Posting seems to have kicked the bug’s butt. I just hope it holds up. 🙂

Update 2: Well, they’re gone again. I think I’ll just leave my blog alone for the meantime. I can’t bear watching everything flicker on and off. 😛

One Response

  1. lucky me, when it happens, i just shout (i mean twitter or chat or text): HELP, and JAngelo (or any of my sons) comes to the rescue. they know that for these techies, i am hopeless.

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