PBB2: What a wacky week!

I’ve been trying hard not to watch Pinoy Big Brother for the past week simply because I couldn’t stay up longer than usual. I used to sleep way past 9 p.m., giving me enough time to catch glimpses of the housemates on 24/7 or on the evening broadcast of the show hosted by Toni Gonzaga.

As fate would have it, however, I was drawn to the boobtube once again. What greeted my eyes was a jumble of confusion: some housemates were crying, some comforting those who whose tears were falling, while others simply went about their chores.

It turned out that a lot—and I do mean a LOT—has happened this past week. This left a stinging sensation of being left out of a secret. *Sigh*

First, I missed by a fraction of an hour Wendy’s automatic nomination. She was punished by Big Brother for a lapel violation. She’s not the first to receive such punishment, but the fact that she might get evicted when matched up against the likes of strong contenders like Gee-Ann scares her—at least in my point of view.

PeroMihaSecond, Bruce, who had just arrived from Slovenia after a week-long Big Brother Swap, was given a glimpse of how some Slovenian Big Brother housemates thought of him. A day before he exited the foreign Big Brother house, Miha and Pero made jokes about Bruce’s skin color. This warranted an automatic nomination for both and the forced eviction of one—Pero.

Here’s part of the apology issued by Slovenian Big Brother:

“What Miha and Pero said was said out loud to the audience on the internet. They had to be punished for it. These happened the day before Bruce left. But I didn’t want to punish them in front of him. I’m sorry for what happened.”

Third, Pamela (the doll brought into the Big Brother house by Gee-Ann) has been taken from her. It’s part of a task for the Cheering Chick, to make her less dependent on the doll and come out of her shell of self-pity. Good for her if she does succeed.

For more information on what Pinoy Big Brother has dubbed “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” click here.


2 Responses

  1. hey, Joel!! Chris here… still remember me?? anyway, need to talk to you ASAP regarding something important… if you’re still online and have Y!M, my ID is chrisharavata… if you get this tomorrow, can you plase call or text me at 09178068172?? thanks…

  2. wendy galis feeling sikat kapal ng mukha mo eh di lumabas din ang tunay mong n mayabang k at hind kp mayaman matindi k ng mag api ng kapwa alam mo kung ano ang pinka msmang ugali ng tao ang ipag damot ang pagkain s kapwa kya mrami ang galit syo huwag k ng magtaka or mag tanga tangahan.

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