PBB2: Tempers rise inside the house

Who would’ve thought I’d see the day that cool- and level-headed Pinoy Big Brother housemate Beatriz blew her top—at another housemate to boot. Bea’s anger was justified, some say, because she had been provoked by Maricris, the housemate dubbed as the Italianang Cabalen, meaning she lives and works in Italy and hails from Pampanga.

Maricris shouts at BeaIn the heated exchange between the two—purportedly over, shocks!, Nel—scathing words escaped their lips. One line in particular, however, caught my attention—a statement uttered by Maricris.

Tumahimik ka na, kutsilyo ang katapat mo,” she told Bea in rage. The statement is roughly translated as, “Shut up, or you’ll find a knife where your mouth is.”

As Maricris stormed outside the house and into the garden, the other housemates heard her mutter under her breath, “Baka masaksak ko si Bea,” or “I might stab Bea.”

Scary . . .

When Big Brother consulted with the house’s resident psychiatrist, this is the answer he got: “The housemates have different ways of dealing with things. Maricris has trust issues. For other people to show emotions, ginagamit nya yung galit nya (she uses her anger) as a way to provoke emotions from other housemates. Bea was calm, kaya prinovoke niya para ipakita ang (which was why she had been provoked by Maricris, to show the) intensity of emotions. Insultuhin, pagalitan siya (Insult and berate her), she’d appreciate it more.”

6 Responses

  1. This is reality TV at its worst. Lol. Maricris does have trust issues. I wouldn’t go into a relationship with this type of girl. She’s very hard to please and convince

  2. hi! napanood ko nga sa tv patrol yan 🙂
    kainis kse pay per view lang ang PBB sa abs-cbn now! ayokong mag extra bayad haha!

  3. @JJ

    I bet Nel will beg to differ. I saw them cuddling last night, purportedly because it’s Maricris’ last night. 😛

    @Ate Eydeyey

    Awwww. Try YouTube. Shorter clips but it’s free. 🙂

  4. My mom told us to switch channels cause of all the shouting XD That was the only time I watched–we were rooting for Bea 😛

  5. […] yon (I’m all bluster. I will never do that),” Maricris shares with the press about her fateful threat. This Italyanang Cabalen’s outburst towards fellow housemate Bea created a rift between among PBB […]

  6. m just wondering na halos lahat pala nang comment ay laban kay wendy. And a lot of people were asking to big bro. what kind of gimmick is this? d ko rin kasi gets eh,. Ilang araw na rin nakaka tamad manood ng pbb kasi walang eksaktong sagot na natanggap yong televiewers. huh! Your being so unfair to other ex-/housemates, pnabalik nyo pa yong mas may deserving pa. Cant you see, wala man lang halos nagbgay ng nega comment kay kian, but kay wendy ang dami2 talaga. Coz, its obvious naman talaga na you have your favoritism. I just hope youre not making all this comment into nothing, coz, we are the observers here, and ,,,, ahhhh ,,, basta. Ayoko lang talaga kasing magbitiw ng masasamang salita hanggang kaya ko pa. You still have my respect big bro. Sana naman pagbigyan nyo rin kami. Find a solution na maibalik yong the real competition talaga na walang balik bahay, esp. WENDY? NA wala naman talagang ibang alam kundi umiyak dahil gudto na niya makipaglandian kay bruce. Ohhh common. Kumusta naman kaya yon.? Shocks……!!!!!!!!!!!

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