Family: Kitty is dying . . . *sob*

See that white cat with black patches in the Rock You slide on Ceskypooh’s World’s  sidebar? No, not Dad! The one baby Cesky is kissing. Yes, there, you’ve got it. Pardon the way I’m writing. Is the attempt to make the post light obvious? Well, I have a reason. My dad’s pet, yes, Kitty, is dying.

Why so get worked up about a cat? Well, pet lovers will tell you that pets—be it dogs, cats, parrots, hamsters, and even horses—are family. Kitty is no exception. She’s more family than the household help and the friends that frequent the house of my paternal grandmother, MommyLo.

By all accounts, Kitty should have already gone to cat heaven, considering she has lived, what, 14 years. That’s almost half dad’s age in human years. If what Mom and Dad tell me is true, dogs and cats, and I suppose most mammals, live only to a maximum of 15 years.

So how did Kitty end up as dad’s favorite pet?

Dad “met” Kitty back in 1993, when Dad, MommyLo, Aiyi Pepper (a paternal aunt), and Auntie Shobe (another paternal aunt) were still living together in a place they call Barangay Laging Handa in Quezon City.

It was a hot summer day, dad told me. “We were all watching television in the dining room of the four-bedroom house we were renting when your Aiyi Pepper suddenly started craving for snacks. So she went out with the household help while I, your MommyLo and Auntie Shobe continued our viewing.”

On her way back from the market, Aiyi Pepper came across a litter of kittens splayed on the grass sidewalk near their house. Since they were already taking care of two crippled cats—Joey (because he had two broken forelegs that forced him to hop around on his hindlegs) and Wally (who moves like a Wallaby because of two broken hindlegs)—Aiyi decided to adopt just one. She chose a white cat with small patches of black.

So she brought my Lola Kitty home, a tiny bundle of, uhmm, helpless joy. Away from her mother’s live-giving, uhmm, teats, Kitty cried all day and all night, my dad said. Since dad’s room was the closest to the living room where the small makeshift bed they made for Kitty had been placed, dad was tasked to check the kitten from time to time.

During the weeks that dad took care of the little kitten, they created a special bond—a link that still exists today. I’m sure dad is already grieving, and I’m sure he wants to rush to Balanga, Bataan, to MommyLo’s house to check on Kitty. Alas, he cannot because he has work.

I feel for you, Dada. I know you’re already having those flashbacks of your time taking care of the once-helpless cat who later spawned litter upon litter upon litter upon litter upon litter of kittens. I know you’re thinking about those days that you literally nursed the young Kitty by dabbing milk on your shirt so that she could, well, breastfeed.

According to MommyLo’s last text message to Dad, Kitty hasn’t eaten for a week and isn’t moving much. My only hope is for her suffering to end.

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  1. having a pet entails not only responsibility, but all other emotions humans could have–happiness, fun, even love, but they cannot be with us forever, they also have their life spans, so whenever my kids would ask for a pet, i would always ask, are you prepared to lose the pet? losing our chihuahua of 12 years, chippy dog, was very traumatic for us-he was like family. since then, we only had chacha dog-he got lost one rainy day, another trauma.

  2. […] Kitty’s last meow gives life to Little Kitoy I’m grieving for the loss of Kitty. She passed away on the night I blogged about her slowly fading away. When dad heard about it, he […]

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