Food: Pancit on E-How and Wikipedia

Call me naive for writing about this but hear me out first. The reasons for my post are simple: Pancit (pronounced pan-sit, also written as pansit) making it to the international scene through E-How and Wikipedia is news to me and it gets me so excited that I just have to say my piece.

Pancit MalabonAt first I was planning to just write something about pancit after eating mouthsful of the stuff the night before Dada Joel flew back to Manila. What inspired me more was the news from Dad that he ate pancit for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at his office by Manila Bay.

While we ate only Bihon (a type of pancit), Dad dined on three different kinds of pancit—Malabon, Bihon, and Canton. Gosh, Dada, share naman dyan!

Don’t have an idea what pancit is? Do you want to know how to cook pancit?


2 Responses

  1. i don’t cook pancit, i mean i do not cook at all, but i love pancit. and i’m lucky to have sampled the pancit of most asian countries (be it bhutan, bangladesh, india, sri lanka, pakisan, china, and many many more). oh! how delicious

    and that one in the picture –looks irresistible!

  2. Wow! I learned something new! Thanks Ceskypooh!!!

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