Politics: Gringo Honasan, no longer a rebel?

As expected, as if like clockwork, Dad called even before he left the Daniel Romualdez Airport in San Jose, Tacloban, Leyte. We had a brief talk, mostly about why he needed to leave me and Mama again.

Once he got to his place of work, Dad bumped into former senator Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan, who was on his way to the lounge of the Senate building for a press conference. Ever the journalist, Dad sat in on the conference and listened to what my paternal grandfather’s schoolmate at San Beda College had to say.

Here’s Dad’s account of the press conference:

Three years after leaving the hallowed halls of the Senate, Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan returned yesterday to formally mark the start of his campaign.

Honasan, who has spent the last five months in a high-security police jail in Santa Rosa, Laguna, on rebellion charges, was freed Friday evening after posting a P200,000 bail set by a Makati City Regional court.

Prior to his release, Honasan had been campaigning from prison while nursing wounds in both his feet that he sustained while escaping authorities last year.

“I don’t have any political party to back me. The Filipino people is my party. I represent the Filipino people. I need your help,” Honasan told reporters gathered at the conference.

During the press conference, Honasan touched on a wide range of issues, from supposed deals between him and the administration party that led to his release, to his controversial “apology” for inspiring others to emulate him and other Edsa People Power Revolution and coup “heroes,” to his discovery of a “new path” toward changing the Philippines.

Well, Dad’s message ends there. I’ll harass him for more details later. Right now, it’s time to Make Way For R(N)oddy and Little Einsteins. 😛

3 Responses

  1. am just saying hello!

    sorry, i am useless when it comes to politics. do you think it’s high time to take a stand?

  2. hehehehe Noddy po…hindi roddy…

  3. Sorry, Mama. Typo lang po. 😛

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