PBB2: Bruce shows Slovenians true Filipino qualities

Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 housemate Bruce Quebral is slowly gaining the admiration not only of his new housemates in the Slovenian Big Brother house but also followers of the reality show in the European country.

Bruce comforting TjasaBruce seems to be the perfect choice for the Big Brother swap as he exemplifies unique Filipino traits that endear the tropical country’s people to the world. Bruce is caring, patient, kind, friendly, sympathetic, and emphatic. On his first day in the house, Bruce has gained the trust of two female Slovenian Big Brother housemates—Tjasa and Sonja.

Being the gentle giant that he is, Bruce consoled Tjasa, who felt miserable due to the eviction of her mother, Suzana (Yes, Tjasa’s mother was a Big Brother housemate). Next, Bruce comforted Sonja, who claimed to be getting an emotional beating from housemate Mija.

For more news about our Basketball Hunk Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 housemate, visit the English site of Slovenian Big Brother.

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