PBB2: Happy Birthday, Robert!

It’s Robert’s birthday and his housemates in Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 aim to make the entire day special. Well, ABS-CBN is also rearing to heat up the day’s events with two milestones sure to glue the viewers’ eyes to the boobtube tonight.

First is the entry of Slovenian Big Brother housemate Tina, who will take the place of Bruce Quebral, the Pinoy Big Brother housemate “exported” to Slovenia.

Second is the special task Big Brother has assigned Robert—blood donation. Yes, Robert is being asked once again to face his fear of needles. It seems Kuya isn’t giving up on making Robert a better person by making him see past his fears and into his heart—the heart of a caring, loving, and gentle person.

To top off these events, there is Robert’s growing fancy for Saicy, Pinoy Big Brother Season 2’s Samba Queen. Too bad the feeling isn’t mutual. Or is it? Digging through the archives, we found this clip that sums up Robert’s experiences in the Big Brother house.

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