PBB2: Gosh! Who’s writing for the website?

After a short break from blogging to celebrate my birthday, among others, I dropped by my usual Internet haunts, such as the Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 website. As I was browsing through the happenings of this past week, the story on Slovenian Big Brother housemate Tina caught my fancy.

TinaSo I clicked on the link that whisked me to another page, where I found, gasp!, horrible writing. I don’t pretend to know good English. But I am a discerning reader who is able to discern certain errors in grammar and punctuation, courtesy of my editor-writer father.

Here’s how I would rewrite the story if I were in charge of the site’s content:

Meet Tina, Bruce’s temporary replacement

Brave, determined, and strong—these are the attributes that make Tina, Pinoy Big Brother’s Amazon-like guest housemate, a force to reckon with.

The 22-year-old Tina, who is currently taking up economy and commerce education, leads a very active lifestyle, dabbling in several sports including skiing, swimming, running, cycling, and volleyball. Tina’s life goal is, however, far from pursuing a career in athletics. She longs to land a job that will make full use of her creativity.

Growing up among women who survived difficult challenges in their lives has molded Tina into an independent person with a strong sense of responsibility and protectiveness. This is, perhaps, the result of living without a father. (Tina’s father died when she was just a child). “I believe that the things that don’t break you in your life make you even stronger, and today, I am a very strong girl,” Tina says.

Tina will replace PBB2 housemate Bruce Quebral, who is now in Slovenia taking Tina’s place. While in the PBB house, Tina is expected to learn Filipino customs and other “Only in da Philippines” ways of life.

Without a doubt, cultures will clash this coming week. Craving for more details on this lovely foreign housemate? Don’t miss Tina’s first night in the PBB2 house on April 21.

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