Random Thoughts: The Best Gift of All

I just received an urgent message in my email inbox from my father. Well, at least I thought it was urgent because of the big URGENT in the subject line. Anyway, I’d like to share the content of the message to you, readers, viewers and fans (if any) of Ceskypooh’s World.

Dear Cesky,

I know it’s cliche to ask you this, but the father in me always wins against my journalist’s instincts—How are you, Naknak? I ask you this because we haven’t laid eyes on each other, haven’t shared thoughts with each other, and haven’t touched each other physically, emotionally and spiritually for the longest time.

Despite the saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder, as is the case in Mama Joyce and me, I find the literal and figurative distance between us as a chasm that makes hearts bleed and tears to fall.

Now that you are turning a year older, I feel the sands of time slipping fast from my grasp. I want to treasure each moment I spend with you and your mom, but the demands of this day and age when pieces of paper with faces burned into them rule the lives of so many people leave us little choice … little time.

I am now faced with a choice, another crossroad and challenge to our family’s collective dream—to run away from duty to work and fly resolutely into you and your mom’s welcoming and loving arms, or to stay and dread each moment that passes, never to regain each new dance step, high note, and facial expression.

It is, however, useless to ponder on this choice as I have already made a decision. I’m sure you know which road Dada Joel will take—that which will give you the greatest gift a father can ever give his daughter: love.

I love you, anak, my angel, my Francesca Jadzia. Happy Birthday.

One Response

  1. what a touching and poignant candid literary piece, written from the very heart of a father–in a dilemma, faced with the realities of this harsh world.

    i am sure that whatever path you take, it will be for the best of cheska and her mom! happy birthday, dear cheska, you are indeed lucky to have Dada Joel and Mama Joyce as your loving parents!

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