Ceskypooh’s World now worth $10,161.72

Wow! Time flies and so do the virtual value of blogs. Less than a month ago, Ceskypooh’s World was worth a little over $2,000. Now, it’s up to $10,161.72 or P488,301 at current exchange rates. Gosh! With this amount, I can buy a small house or a compact car, or even put up a business. 😛

Again, many thanks to Ceskypooh’s World’s loyal viewers. Here’s to another month of good blogging. 🙂

My blog is worth $10,161.72.
How much is your blog worth?

2 Responses

  1. At least your blog is worth something. Haha. I think mine’s worth $0.00 the last time I checked. And I don’t think I have the heart of checking it again.

  2. i wsa surprised, it says mine is worth $74,519.28. but i am sure you and i will not trade off the joy of your Ceskypooh’s World and my D Spot with money.

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