PBB2: Gosh! I … I … What the?

Now there’s a big letdown. The third evictee of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 is Kian, and not Bodie, as we first thought. Not that I have anything against Bodie. Personally, I just don’t feel his presence whenever I watch the show on 24/7. He lacks his father’s charm, as MommyLo (my paternal grandmother once said). She should know. They were once attached. No, not MommyLo and Bodie … my grandmother and Lolo Pip.

Anyway, as expected of any eviction night, the scene after Kian’s departure was heart-rending. To see even Bruce cry, there’s no denying that this particular eviction was very emotional. The housemates’ may not be showing it outwardly, but I’m sure they’re very affected.

During his first few days in the house, Kian was a real jerk, boisterous to the core and a bad-butt (can’t say arse … oops!) attitude to boot. Later on, as the weeks passed, he tured out to be a gentle soul … encased in a brute’s body. Kidding!

Sincerely now, I think Bodie should have been the one evicted. Again, no judgment against Bodie. I’m sure he’s a swell guy.

Check out the various reactions to Kian’s eviction at the PBB2 forum.


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  1. i know big brother–do you?

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