Blogging: What we learned on our own … with a ‘little’ help from Lorelle

Once again I give way to another post from my dad. Gee, Joel, you seem to be on a roll. Should I just give you the blog and be done with it? Joke! Peace, Dad!

Darn! I failed to attend the second day of iBlog3, the Philippines’ annual summit of bloggers and blogging. Well, I had good reason: I needed to rush to Balanga, Bataan to prepare my stuff for my trip to Leyte to visit Cesky and Joyce. Advanced greetings to you, anak. May you have a fun-filled birthday full of love.

Anyway, this post isn’t about the second day of the summit but something from the summit. Read on.

On the first day of iBlog3, there was a debate on which blog host aspiring bloggers should use. A few of the summit’s speakers openly endorsed WordPress as their host of choice. Perhaps the notion didn’t sit well with some bloggers since the summit was in part sponsored by Google, which we all know has its own blog hosting service—Blogspot or Blogger.

WordPress or Blogger … WordPress or Blogger? Hmmm. When Cesky and I decided some time last year that we wanted to blog, we never had second thoughts about choosing WordPress. This was probably due to the fact that 80 percent of the bloggers we knew were using WordPress. This list included Joey Alarilla and Erwin Oliva of, and Kiven Codamon of GAME! Magazine.

So we tried it, and came to love it. A few months later, however, Cesky and I found our knowledge of blogging techniques using WordPress lacking. Instead of switching to another blog host, which would inevitably lead to another failure to understand, we looked for a mentor—and that was when we “stumbled” into Lorelle VanFossen’s blog.

Lorelle on WordPress, we found out, was—and still is—a virtual gold mine of stuff you could do with a WordPress blog, both the self-hosted and the one hosted on the WordPress server.

Without even knowing, Lorelle taught us how to choose and modify templates, make the most out of our sidebar widgets by posting graphics, rss feeds, and other knick-knacks, and a host of other small details like inserting photos in blockquotes.

So my advice to Filipinos who are aspiring to setup their own blogs with WordPress: Seek out Lorelle. You’ll never go wrong with what you learn from her.

My only beef with is the inability to post Google Adsense. Ah, but that is something a new blogger shouldn’t touch yet.

Thanks, Lorelle, from dad and me. 🙂

3 Responses

  1. I have used WordPress and it is, indeed, worth using 🙂 If I haven’t started out at blogger, I’d have used wordpress.

  2. if your wordpress is hosted, then google adsense can be added

  3. JAngelo and I have always used WordPress, and we do not have any problem!

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