PBB2: Housemates’ hard work pays off

Less than a week after the housemates of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 gathered in the house’s spacious living room to discuss their failure to complete the task kuya gave them during Holy Week, they finally emerged victorious in this week’s weekly task—traditional rice milling.

I guess that pep talk Mickey had with the other housemates in an effort to analyze what went wrong in the previous task where they needed to fill at least 500 eggs with leche flan paid off. The effect: the housemates helped one another and finished the rice milling task in a record three days.

As a reward, Big Brother is giving them P12,000 for their weekly budget. That’s around $240, which is more than enough to not only feed them to their hearts’ content but also allow them some “luxury” items, such as cigarettes for the three smokers—Robert, Nel and Wendy.

I can’t help but think, however, that Big Brother merely gave in to the housemates in light of things to come. Eviction night is just around the corner and the housemates have to contend with loosing another friend, be it Gee-Ann, Kian, Dionne or Bodie.

For more details on the housemates’ victory, click here.


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